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Apparently I've only posted twice in the last six months. Whoops. >.< (In my defense, I've spent half of the last few months doing a new role at work, which is more challenging - and a lot more interesting, and I'm glad to have the opportunity! - but it does tend to leave me rather tired and I wind up staring dumbly at WoW all night instead of doing anything constructive.

Anyway, one benefit of my new no-longer-working-from-home lifestyle is that I tend to go to the cinema a lot more often. Tonight, we saw Jupiter Ascending. My thoughts under the cut:

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I don't really have much other news. I saw Kingsman last week as well, but I am more conflicted about it. (I loved it! but I feel sort of guilty about that!) I saw Big Hero 6 a few weeks back and enjoyed it a lot, although I saw the "twists" coming miles off.

Next cinema trip for me may well be Penguins of Madagascar, because I am easy. Chris wants to see The Seventh Son, but we'll see; the trailers haven't inspired me in the slightest. Home is coming in a month; I'm very ambivalent about it. It's not the True Meaning of Smekday; if I can make myself remember that I should be fine. And then it's a dry spell until Avengers: Age of Ultron on April 23rd - about which I am also ambivalent, but at least if it turns out badly there will be several metric tons of fanworks doing it better. :)
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I just rewatched The Forbidden Kingdom, which is a fun martial arts/coming of age movie (even if it does suffer somewhat from What These People Need Is A Honky syndrome). But one trope in it really irks me from another perspective, and it's something I've seen popping up elsewhere, too.

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My Fandoms

May. 11th, 2009 10:38 pm
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I saw [personal profile] damned_colonial posted a list of her fandoms, broken up into category; she wasn't necessarily trying to start a meme, but I've been thinking about fandoms and what I read and what I participate in, so replicating the effort seemed worthwhile. Category titles are mostly ganked from [personal profile] damned_colonial. :)

The ones I'm active in by which I mean that I belong to communities, create fanworks, participate in activities, etc:

* Leverage
* Kormanverse
* Edited to add: Star Trek XI!
* [your ad here!]

(A lot of the time, this means "thinking about participating", because I'm the biggest non-starter ever, sadly. I get all enthused about an idea and then I just don't follow through, out of fear or writer's block or whatever.)

And that last entry - I'm kind of looking for a new fandom, TBH. :)

The ones where I'm a fannish consumer meaning that I read fic in these fandoms, read people's posts about them, follow the fandom to some extent, but don't really create stuff of my own:

* Pirates of the Caribbean (Sparrow/Norrington, particularly)
* Due South (Fraser/RayK)
* Stargate: Atlantis (McKay/Sheppard, mostly, and gen)
* Iron Man
* Harry Potter (of all flavours, though I prefer Potter-era to Marauder-era)

The ones that I'd read in if there were fic but there's usually only fic at Yuletide:

* Just about anything where I'm familiar enough with the canon to follow the fic

The ones I watch/read enough to have a fannish discussion about them, or follow other people's fannish discussions, might follow fic recs but don't read regularly, and don't actively seek out fannish works or communities:

* Avatar
* Burn Notice
* Castle
* Chuck
* Dark Angel
* Dollhouse
* (New) Dr Who & Torchwood
* Firefly
* House
* Narnia
* Farscape (which is my favourite TV show of all time, but it satisfied me so much I don't really need fic)
* Red Dwarf
* Star Trek TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT
* Star Wars
* X-Men Movieverse (though X3 does not exist, as far as I'm concerned) and other comic -> movie adaptations

The ones I don't want to see/read more than I already have, but where I know enough about the rest of the canon to read and enjoy some fanworks:

* Alias
* Buffyverse
* Battlestar Galactica
* Gossip Girl
* Heroes (I loved Season 1, and then it went downhill)
* Supernatural

...okay, I'm sure I've forgotten some, but I can't think of any.


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