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Vidding mojo, that is, insofar as I had any to begin with. I'm actually feeling inspired to vid again, which is very welcome after the creative blank spot of the last year.

Of course, I can't actually get started yet, since I haven't yet installed the new HDDs sitting on my bookcase, nor upgraded my OS, and there's seriously no point even getting started until that's done.

And I'm not sure what to tackle first. The vid of my heart is a Farscape vid I've been wanting to do for ages, but it's hugely intimidating - it'll require shitloads of source, and I'm reaaaally bad at keeping all the source straight in my head if I'm vidding from anything longer than a movie or a few TV episodes. Plus it's kind of a serious vid, and has A Thesis and I don't want to get that wrong. Urf.

...also, I'm, in general, fairly underconfident about vidding, because ... hmm, how to put it: I'm not practised at narrative creativity, in the way that vids require (other than "whee look at the shiny" vids, which are awesome). I'm not a very practised storyteller, and I'm not experienced at building the narrative (of a vid, in this case) to say anything coherent.

I wish there were "Vidding For Dummies" resources; everything I've seen focuses on the technical help, which is awesome and appreciated, but not where my big obstacle is.

(So, yeah, if anyone has any tips or suggestions, they would be super duper welcome.)

Also, is #vidding still active? I retreated during my I Am Crap At Everything phase last year, and last time I checked it out a couple of months ago, pre-Yuletide, it was empty.


The above might sound like I'm whining. I'm actually not; I'm hugely happy to have the creative urge back again, it's a rare thing with me. I'm just not sure what to do with it now I have it back. :)
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Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show.

Man, this one will be haaaard. I don't like focusing on things I don't like, y'know?

I think I'd have to say That Old Black Magic, episode 8 of season 1, in which the dark entity Maldis pits Crichton and Crais against each other for his own amusement.

I dislike it because... I have a hard time with people who refuse to be rational in important situations, which is Crais to a t in this episode. He's so dead-set on blaming Crichton for his brother's death that no amount of apology or explanation from Crichton will assuage his need for vengeance. I understand that people do behave like that, that people aren't all rational or sensible, but Crais's irrationality is so blatant here that I find the episode really uncomfortable to watch because the entire interaction between them is so frustrating to me.
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I knew I missed a day. Although with my sleep patterns the way they perennially are, the concept of "day" is kind of academic at this point.

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show.

Given that we've already established that my favourite TV show is Farscape, that leaves me having to pick my favourite episode. Funnily enough, the episodes that first spring to mind are the ones that aren't my favourites - probably because that's a shorter list.

Okay, I can do this. *deep breath*

Farscape episodes. Well, I love Throne For A Loss, in which Crichton shows that he can get things done in spite of his genetic disadvantages - or, more likely, because of them. I love DNA Mad Scientist, where we start to see that these are real, flawed people - not noble heroes - and they will do some wrong shit when they think they're being nothing but reasonable. I love Durka Returns, when we meet Chiana for the first time, and Taking the Stone, when it's clear no-one really gets her.

...and I could go on, and on, and I don't need to because I've realised that there's one episode that stands above all the others for me: Die Me, Dichotomy. It is an absolute fucking masterpiece in the context of the rest of the season, and it's so beautifully heartbreaking. And what makes it, for me, is Aeryn; she's made herself so much more than what she was, and I fell in love with her the first time I saw it - through the tears - because she is so brave and strong and awesome.


You know, this whole meme could really be retitled, for me, Thirty Days of Elle Winding Up Talking About Farscape Every Day. I'm going to have to rewatch the series now. :)
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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever.

I didn't really get heavily into TV-watching as a teen; we watched very little TV in our household, and there was some amount of parental disappointment (in a genteel sort of way) if I wanted to watch commercial television. And then I lived on campus at university which was a chaotic lifestyle with zero chance of keeping up with anything regularly.

Once I moved off campus I started watching more TV, more regularly, and I fell in love with various shows. I loved the first season of Dark Angel, and then Alias grabbed me when Dark Angel let me down in the second season. And then there was Farscape, and that's all she wrote. I've since managed to identify the features that interest me in a show, and Farscape has pretty much all of them in spades - banter, characterisation, drama and humour. It wasn't perfect; nothing ever is. But when it was good, it was glorious.
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Day 01 - A show that should have never been canceled

This is tricky. My first response was "Firefly!" but thinking about it, I generally like Whedon shows less once he's got stuck into ruining everyone's lives, whereas the half-season we got wasn't perfect, but was damn awesome.

Then I thought "Futurama!" but hey, they're bringing that back. (Soon, soon!) So they're off the hook for that one.

Then I realised: Farscape, where they'd planned just one more season and the plug got pulled at the last minute. Oh, lost fifth season, how tragic and awesome you would have been.

The other days... )
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Swiped from [personal profile] helens78 and a couple of other places ;)

Here's a theme that goes "post your five favorite TV shows in no particular order, and answer questions!"

I'm going to answer this for 'my five favourite shows ever', not 'right now', so:

a. Farscape (OH MY HEART)
b. Futurama
c. Star Trek: The Next Generation
e. Castle

Fun stuff here! )


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