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...one thing I really, really like about NCIS - both Original Flavour and Hot and Spicy Los Angeles - is that it gets gender stuff pretty much right. There aren't as many female characters as I'd like, but those that exist are all unique individuals with as much interesting baggage, skills and camera time as the guys. There might not be many women, but those that are there are very much more than the "token chick", and it's a welcome relief from far too many other shows.

Also, apropos of nothing, we had our first SWTOR raid tonight. Surprisingly fun.
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[personal profile] leupagus started a round of Recast Your Favourite Show, and it got me thinking. Now I want to recast ALL THE SHOWS.

Burn Notice recast! )

That was fun! Now let's recast NCIS Los Angeles! )
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I knew American TV could fail on the subtlety sometimes, but the not-even-thinly-veiled WikiLeaks references and associated disapproving rhetoric on this week's NCIS: Los Angeles hit new lows. Mostly I enjoy NCIS in spite of its pro-military ra ra ra, but ugh. Just... ugh.
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I thought my vidding muse was gone forever, lost in a morass of self-doubt and lack of oomph... but I was lying in bed listening to a song and suddenly a Dollhouse vid sprang, almost fully formed, into my head. I... am not sure that I'm ever going to make it, but it's good to know that the inspiration isn't gone forever.

Also, I kind of want to make an NCIS:LA vid with the general theme of "Kensi Blye Is More Awesome Than You (And Everyone Else Too)", but I can't find the right song. Maybe it's time to pull out Ice-T's Big Gun, but it doesn't have enough bounce, really.

Help? :)


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