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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

At the start of the season, I was totally expecting the answer to this to be White Collar. Shenanigans! Capers! Natalie Morales!

But they badly underused Natalie Morales, and in the end it turned out not to be a caper show but basically a buddy cop show about two characters I couldn't bring myself to care much about. Which is a shame.

So, I'm going to say NCIS: Los Angeles. I think it's deeply flawed in some areas (for instance, its Serious Emotional Plot Arc episodes are just laden with offputting Srs Emo Manpain because it's trying to follow the NCIS model with less-good actors and characters we care less about), but when it sets aside the Srs Emo Manpain Plot Arcs, the ordinary weekly procedural episodes are really quite enjoyable, and I'm hoping for more of them next season.


In other news, it's 2am and I should be going to bed, but I'm hungry, so I'm going to make myself a bowl of pasta and sit and play with the new David Mitchell's SoapBox iPad app.
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I... kind of want to write a whole ton of NCIS:LA fic about Kensi Blye because she is gorgeous and awesome and totally my TV girlfriend. Also because then I'd qualify for Remix/Redux 8.

This is possibly crazy, and likely to be unfulfilled since I'm terrible about writing more than about once a year.
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I just finished watching the most recent episode of NCIS: Los Angeles - "Missing", episode 13 of season 1.

Thoughts inside, and spoilery stuff. )

I had more, but I've been awake for a ridiculous number of hours. I must sleep!

(Cross-posted to LJ, as I know a few of my LJ flist watch.)
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Oh TV, how I've missed you. *hugs* I mean, I hate the Leverage and Burn Notice hiatus, but it's so good to have Castle and NCIS back.

Thoughts! (Cut for spoilers.)

Leverage 2.09 thoughts )

Castle 2.01 thoughts )

And then there was NCIS! )

Next in the viewing pile - NCIS:LA. (I am disappointed to see all the promo images seem to be LL Cool J + Chris O'Donnell, rather than team-centric, but I haven't seen the actual ep yet, so.)
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I saw a bit of discussion about this around the traps, so:

The NCIS spinoff series is confirmed for next season; it'll be called NCIS: Los Angeles. It stars Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J, and is a continuation of the "Legend" two-parter near the end of NCIS season 6, which was its backdoor pilot. It'll air directly after the original NCIS series on Tuesday nights.

So, there y'go.

(crossposted at LJ/DW)


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