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I feel really kind of guilty, in some ways - 2016 was such a dire year for so many people, and yet mine was... pretty great. As my housemate says: "Out there, 2016 sucked. Inside this house, it's been a good year."

So, my 2016:
- I started the year working for a community services non-profit employed through an agency. They liked me and wanted to keep me, so at the end of February they put me on a contract, which was gratifying.

- At the end of March, my partner moved out and dumped me, in a not particularly elegant way. The breakup was painful, which wasn't very surprising as he was not a communicative man even at the best of times. However, I have always done just fine on my own, and after an Easter weekend of wallowing at my parents' house, I was pretty much fine. We have remained cordial albeit distant friends.

- This prompted me to make an offer to G, one of my closest and oldest friends - G had split with his long-time partner at the end of 2015, and was visiting family in another state for six weeks before returning to Brisbane to find somewhere to live. (The week before Easter was a bad week - G left for six weeks, my partner dumped me and moved out, and my only real friend at work went overseas for three months. I felt a bit abandoned!) So I said to G, "well, I've got this spare room empty..." and got back "...I'll be back in next weekend." \o/

- So my domestic situation is pretty damn great. G is a great friend and I absolutely love living with him. And as the absolute icing on the cake, G is also the only person I know who is as keen about (tabletop roleplaying) gaming as I am, and thus has been running a frigging amazing one-on-one Exalted game for me for the last eight months. SO HAPPY. 😍

- Meanwhile, in May, I was offered a year-long promotion from August 2016 to August 2017, acting as the team leader for our region's Admin team. There was some awkwardness about how that happened, but basically from August onwards I've been loving my job. I really enjoy leadership, and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity -- I had no leadership experience on my resume to date, so this has been very valuable.

So to sum up, in 2016 I: am far happier out of my previous relationship; have acquired an excellent housemate which has also strengthened our friendship even more; am able to access my favourite hobby whenever I want, instead of having to wait for the moons to align; have stepped into a work role I genuinely really enjoy; have significantly strengthened my resume for my next job search.

I sort of feel like I stole all the good fortune everyone else should have had in 2016. Sorry people! *sheepish*

I hope 2017 for you all is as awesome as 2016 was for me.
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Okay, nuts to this, I'm just gonna catch up. :)

8. (Alternate) What is your philosophy on journal layouts?

I'm a big fan of black text, white background, decent font size, decent column width, decent typeface, no ridiculous replacement cursors. I don't have any significant related accessibility issues apart from poor eyesight, but I have little patience for form that impedes function so I'll almost always view offending journals as style=mine.

I also don't much like layouts that don't show tags, both by post and by sidebar list/cloud, since I find tags invaluable for browsing and content discovery.

9. (Alternate) Tell me about your default icon.
For a long time my general internet pseudonym was Jestyr/LadyJestyr and Harley Quinn up there was my default icon pretty much everywhere. Jester -> Fool, and Harley Quinn was the best female Fool I could think of. Also, she's adorable.

A while ago I switched to a photo of me as my default icon in many places, but I still identify with this Harley Quinn icon as strongly as I do with my actual face. And I still use Harley as my default icon on places where I want to be me, but don't want to use an actual photo - dreamwidth, twitter and so on.

10. Pick 10 random icons from your userpics and tell me about them.

Okay, this can go behind a cut :)

here be icons! )

11. What features do you think Dreamwidth should have that it doesn't currently?

* A kudos-style feature!
* User notes!
* A memories system analogous to Delicious (OMG WANT, never gonna happen though)
* The ability to remember viewing preferences (eg style=mine, style=light) by journal (i.e. "ok, I view these in their native styles, these in my style, and these in light style").

That's just off the top of my head. I know there's more. :)

12. What do you consider the five most "telling" interests from the list on your profile? Why?

In alphabetical order:

Read more... )

13. Do you have any unique interests on your user profile? What are they? How'd they get there?

Amazingly, no I don't.

14. Did you have a gateway fandom? Still in it? Why or why not? Is there a community for it on DW?

The first fic I ever read was by [personal profile] cupiscent, in XMMV, and that prompted me to read voraciously in XMMV - so in that sense, it was a gateway. I think Constantine was probably more of a gateway, though, in that I was an active participant in the fandom - I wrote reams of meta, I wallowed in the glorious fics, and I even started (though never finished) fic of my own. Had it been released five or so years later, I probably would have vidded in it (and still think I might, even now).

(alternate) What is your favourite subject to discuss on Dreamwidth?

Fandom stuff, mostly: my fannish reactions to the sources I love, vidding angst, the fandom meta du jour. I kind of wish I had the focus to be monofannish, but there's too much to love. :)

15. What's your current obsession? What about it captures your imagination?

Right now, oddly, it's nail polish. Which may seem kind of shallow, but there's nothing wrong with loving the shiny. It's not something I'd ever done much with before, apart from low-level maintenance stuff, but I bought some OPI nail polish for my mother and I a year ago, and some more at Christmas time, and it triggered something: the urge to collect ALL THE COLOURS.

It's having two good effects, I find, which are probably reinforcing the obsession: firstly, it's an incentive to take good care of my nails, which are typically weak and prone to delaminating. I've never had such nice nails so consistently before, and it's making me want to keep them nice instead of picking at them.

(Which reinforces something I'd realised about myself recently: I need an apparent motivation for reward to do things, not just an intellectual one. For instance, my house has always been rental-house ugly, and I'm very untidy and disorganised by nature. Over the last year or so as it's been slowly renovated and improved, I'm finding that I keep it much nicer without even thinking about it. As I said to a friend, back in the old days I could knock myself out tidying and cleaning and the place would still basically look like shit - whereas now the only thing stopping it looking awesome is the mess, so that's all the incentive I need to deal with the mess unbegrudgingly.)

Er, tangent much? Anyway, yes, second awesome thing about the nailpolish obsession: it's a way of really feeling good about the way I look. I have a number of body-image issues related to my recentish health woes, and they can be very disheartening; keeping my nails nice and (better yet) pretty makes me feel just plain good about myself every time I catch sight of my hands - and that's priceless.
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Yes, someone is wrong on the internet, and I think it's George R R Martin.

Following the DG Debacle, GRRM has now come out to reiterate his position on not approving of fanwriting. (Although he, at least, did it courteously.) He falls into both the (factually incorrect) "I have to protect my copyrights or they become unenforceable" camp and the (logically dubious) "these characters are my children" camp.

The point of cognitive dissonance, for me, is that GRRM allowed production of a licensed Game of Thrones RPG; so, naturally, commenters asked "well, what about if my character sits and talks to [canon character X] in a game?", and his reply was "I don't see playing a game and writing (and publishing) a story as the same thing at all."

Which makes no sense to me. If you're doing either, you're doing it out of a desire to engage creatively with, and tell a story in, that setting, with those characters. Roleplaying in a setting is no different to writing in that respect, except perhaps in the degree of overt self-insertion.

What if I play a campaign in the GoT RPG, and my character interacts with Canon Character A? GRRM's fine with that. What about if I write it down as an in-character diary? (This is something my gaming group often does, when we're playing characters for whom journalling is appropriate.) What if I write it out in the form of a chat log? What about if I write it in the form of a narrative?

How is there any difference between those three things? They look identical to fanfic, but all three are just recordings of something that GRRM is fine with. The only difference between them and actual fanfic is that I wasn't in control of all the characters' actions, only my own -- so let's call the GM my co-author.

So, is the defining point publication? I assume GRRM doesn't think that I should never be allowed to talk about what happens during a roleplaying session; there is a proud tradition in gaming of boring the pants off your friends by telling them character stories from a game they were never involved in. And, less facetiously, several friends on my LJ flist post summaries and roundups after gaming sessions. If that's okay, why does it suddenly become not-okay if it's in narrative form? That line in the sand that seems completely arbitrary and nonsensical to me.

Both fanfiction and roleplaying involve creative engagement with the canon world, using the existing canon characters and setting to tell new stories or explore old ones in more detail or a different way. The only significant difference is that roleplaying is necessarily collaborative, and fanfic doesn't have to be, and that has no bearing on GRRM's disapproval of fanfic. I just can't see how you can logically approve of one, and disapprove of the other.


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