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I'm trying to help my father identify an old car. You can see it in this picture; it's a lovely old car my grandfather had. This photo was taken in England in the late 1930s or possibly the very early 1940s. (That's my grandfather in the super-dashing Biggles-esque motoring helmet. :))

My father thought the car was a Jaguar SS100, but has spotted some significant differences. If anyone can help with identifying the make/model I'd be forever grateful. Thanks!
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I have run out of Avengers stories to read. This makes me sadface, especially as I have to load my iPad up with stuff to read for the next couple of days.

I begged for recs a few weeks ago and I think I've read all of them already. ;) So if anyone's got more to share, please feel free.

Also, I had a brilliant idea for a genius crossover involving The Avengers last night as I was drifting off to sleep, but now I can't remember what it was.

(Edited to remove excessive begging for recs after realising my second-last post was a near-identical request. Oops :))

Rec me?

Jan. 18th, 2012 03:31 am
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I'm jonesing for Avengers movieverse fic at the moment - including Iron Man/Thor/Captain America movieverses too, of course. I'm less interested in Steve/Tony or Steve/Bucky than other pairings or gen shenanigans, but I'll basically read anything at the moment, especially if it's fun and lighthearted and features banter, snark, or generally adorable ridiculousness. (Bonus points for Darcy, Coulson, Clint, or any of the less common PoV characters.)

Rec me tasty tasty fic? Please? :)
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So, o mighty internets, advice please?

I have loved the hell out of a lot of the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff. I adored Iron Man, I loved Captain America, I really liked Iron Man 2, and I quite enjoyed Thor. (I didn't see The Incredible Hulk, after Ang Lee's previous Hulk adaptation left me rather meh, and I've never been a Hulk fan.)

I am keen to wallow in more Avengers-y goodness, but to date most of my Marvel reading and watching has been X-Men-centric. What should I be reading or watching, either current or finished? I'm not a fan of old comics; I find it hard to get past the dated art to appreciate the stories, but anything from the last fifteen years or so should be fine. Animation, comics, it's all good. Rec me!

(Crossposted; apologies if you see this twice. I'm trying to plumb the knowledge banks of all my groups of friends, here. :))
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I know a lot of you are keen cooks and/or knowledgeable about food, so I'd like to ask for some advice and input. I'll put it behind a cut for the sake of those with eating/food issues.

Onwards for my request for advice! )

Thankyou for any input you can offer!

(Cross-posted to a community and my own journal.)
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I've been playing DC Universe Online a bit lately, and it's reminded me how much I really do love superheroes, despite the fridged girlfriends and ridiculous art and labyrinthine storylines. I know there have been a lot of animated adaptations lately, and I'm after recommendations about which ones are really worth catching up with:

- The Timmverse/Diniverse (ie Batman: TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League, JLU, etc.)
- Batman: the Brave and the Bold
- Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
- X-Men Evolution
- Wolverine and the X-Men
- anything else?

Plus there are the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, some of which I've seen and liked (Wonder Woman, Justice League) and some of which bored the pants off me (Green Lantern).

Man. Sorting this stuff out is just as complicated as the comics themselves. >.<

(Crossposted to both journals.)
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So, I just got my iPad (well, yesterday) and I'm busy loading it up with content both fannish and otherwise.

I love it oodles, but there's one issue I have with it, and it's the same issue I have with the Kindle - I can't organise my ebooks hierarchically. As well as actual ebooks, I want to upload a bunch of fic saved as ebooks, but I want to sort them in folders and navigate them thusly, instead of one flat list.

iBooks, although it's a nice app, doesn't allow for a hierarchical system, and it's what I'm using for my actual-book ebooks. So, what I need is another decent epub-reading ebook reader app, preferably one that allows hierarchical sorting (or heavy tag usage). Any recommendations?

(Also, any recommendations for other nice apps are welcome!)

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Feed me more TV, that is!

I've run out of stuff to watch, and I'm looking for more shows to glom up. Shows that aren't currently airing are also fine.

Things I Like

* Humour (especially good dialogue. I am a sucker for banter.)
* Genre shows, sci-fi, fantasy, procedurals, mysteries, crime shows, et cetera.

(I should clarify that "Humour" is pretty much a requirement. With the exception of Star Trek, I cannot love a show that doesn't make me laugh, no matter how good it may otherwise be.)

Things I Do Not Like

* Sexism, ableism and racism
* Using the gender divide or modern relationship stereotypes (eg sitcoms where the men lie to their wives and the women are shrewish nags)
* Shows that resort to cheap stereotypes for their humour (eg Mock The Geek)
* Embarrassment humour

TV Shows I Particularly Like (some of which fail some of the above criteria, of course, because nothing's perfect)

* Farscape
* Futurama
* QI
* Star Trek: TNG, VOY and ENT (I've only seen a bit of DS9; I like what I've seen, but I don't know enough to assert either way)
* Castle
* Leverage
* Burn Notice
* Chuck

Various TV Shows I've Tried So You Don't Need To Rec Them

* White Collar
* The Stargate serieses
* The Mentalist
* Lie to Me

Suggestions gratefully accepted!
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I've seen a few Haiti-related posts that seem to imply that donating to the (American?) Red Cross is a bad idea compared with other charities and relief organisations, and I'm curious as to why that is. Not being from America, I haven't heard any particular reports against the ARC, and I'm wondering why they seem to be held in lower regard than I expected.

Anyone able to satisfy my curiosity?

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So! I've just finished Runaways, which I loved, and Young Avengers, which I quite liked (and would have liked more, had the non-young Avengers not been such raging dicks).

And now I'm looking for something fun to read, comics-wise. Any recommendations, per favore?


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