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December 20: Your strangest fandom (interpret this how you will) (from [personal profile] plasmoids)

When I first thought about this, I was thinking of "fandoms for unusual or obscure things" (which generally I've not been in), and then "fandoms who behave strangely", but let's face it, every fandom is capable of doing shit that just does not make sense when viewed from outside that specific fandom. (Citations: ship wars, fandom_wank, tinfoil hattery, CrystalWank, showing fic to the actors, and all the other headdesky stuff we collectively do. Oh, fandom. ♥)

Really, though, the only way I can interpret the question to actually yield a meaningful answer is to see it as "which fandom experience has been the least typical for me?"

The answer would have to be Constantine (which is, I think, the fandom where I first met [personal profile] plasmoids). Not because there was anything unusual about Constantine itself, or the fandom, but because I was so active. I joined comms. I helped run a comm. I read everything I could find. I threw myself into every discussion I saw, and squee'd madly over the (extremely awesome) fics the fandom was producing.

Hell, I even wrote fic for it. (Not that I ever posted it.) Now that is strange. :)

Because I don't tend to write fic often, and struggle when I do, I often feel isolated from fandom - I will happily meta until the cows come home, but mostly fannish conversations happen through fic, and because I'm just a reader, I don't tend to get to have those conversations. So Constantine fandom was a very unusual (and memorable, and enjoyable) experience for me.

(And why the hell don't I have any Constantine icons on DW?!)


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December 15: First fandom? Or first fannish thing you shared? (from [personal profile] st_aurafina)

This one's actually really hard for me to answer, because I'm having trouble defining "fandom". :)

I was personally fannish about stuff I loved from a young age - I remember competing with Dad on Middle-Earth trivia as a pre-teen, for example - but I didn't have many peers to be fannish with, and I didn't have the kind of aspirations that would have seen me coming up with self-insert fannish fantasies by myself (which seems to be the other common path into fandom).

[The first things I was solo-fannish about: Star Wars, LotR, Star Trek, Anne McCaffrey's various early works, and Julian May's Pliocene & Galactic Milieu series.]

And then came the internet (I'm in my late 30s, so my first access to the internet was via my father's academic staff access in my late teens, and then from my own University shortly thereafter). I found newsgroups for things I loved, of course, but for various reasons I never really got involved.

Blogging, actually, was what got me into fandom. I knew [personal profile] cupiscent from an Aussie blogging group, and followed her on LJ when she mentioned it, and she was writing in and talking about X-Men Movieverse fandom at the time. And, obviously, reccing the other good stuff she came across.

This was a revelation to me; I'd never encountered people who engaged with their fannish loves like this before. I was hooked. I loved the "what if?" nature of fanfic, the way you could pose interesting questions about characters and settings. I hadn't been fannish myself about the movie (although I'd enjoyed it a lot) until this point, but the fandom made me a fan.

So, honestly, I'd have to say X-Men Movieverse was my first fandom, in the mainstream sense, although I was fannish about a lot of other things before that. (Mostly sf/f books/movies/TV, unsurprisingly.)

In many ways, that set the tone for my engagement with fandom: with a few exceptions, I've generally entered a fandom because of the fandom, not because of the source material. Provided I know the source material well enough to understand what's going on, I'm much more likely to follow a fandom based on the kinds of fanworks you can find there - the popular fanons, the kinds of stories people like to tell, et cetera - rather than my own engagement with the source.

[The biggest exception: Avengers/MCU fandom, where I'm just as engaged with and excited by the source material as I am by the fandom.]

This is largely because I'm mostly a fannish consumer rather than producer, though, and in that light it feels more understandable. And, too, the fandoms in which I've produced fanworks (or in the case of vids, half-produced some which now languish unfinished on various hard drives) don't have substantial overlap with the fandoms I consume most avidly.


List of questions/days for the talking meme; prompt away!
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I really like the looks of the December talking meme, but I've held off because I really doubted I'd get prompts. That said, it looked like fun, so why not. :)

Pick a date in December and give me a topic, and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything from fandom-related (specific characters, actors, storylines, episodes, etc.) to life-related to pizza preferences to whatever you want.

I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet, but really, that's pretty unlikely.


In other news, I've been rereading the Belgariad by David Eddings, reminded by [personal profile] recessional's awesome next-gen fics. I've seen this sentiment expressed elsewhere, but many of my issues with this series would be solved if the narrative treated Polgara as scary and controlling and inappropriate instead of basically approving of her.


Also, I want to change my dw style/layout, but that means trying to find all my existing settings and save/record them because I'm changephobic and what if I hate my new choice?


And now I'm going to bed, because I've done something painful to my shoulder/neck and the painkillers are making me drowsy. Goodnight, sweet flist! (/dwircle.)


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