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Apparently I've only posted twice in the last six months. Whoops. >.< (In my defense, I've spent half of the last few months doing a new role at work, which is more challenging - and a lot more interesting, and I'm glad to have the opportunity! - but it does tend to leave me rather tired and I wind up staring dumbly at WoW all night instead of doing anything constructive.

Anyway, one benefit of my new no-longer-working-from-home lifestyle is that I tend to go to the cinema a lot more often. Tonight, we saw Jupiter Ascending. My thoughts under the cut:

- My biggest gripe: Jupiter has pretty much no agency. She spends almost the entire movie being a screamy damsel in distress for Caine to rescue. (Mostly in the form of falling off high things. The movie title is very inaccurate.) It's pretty disappointing.

+ However, in general, representation of women is pretty good. Lots of the secondary and tertiary and background characters are women, and casting for all the soldiers, bureaucrats and general People In The Background seems to have been pretty evenhanded.

- The love story felt really forced; Jupiter tells Caine she's falling for him almost as soon as she's met him and from then on it's heavily telegraphed with no surprises. I would have preferred more politics and less romance (which would have potentially given Jupiter more agency, too).

+ Oh my god this was a gorgeous movie. It made my spaceship-loving heart happy.

+ Similarly, the worldbuilding is fantastic. It really felt like a slice of a larger universe that existed outside of the main characters' lives.

* It wasn't glaring, but it did rather feel as though it's set up to be the first in the trilogy, especially when you consider the name. Agency issues aside, I'd be happy for more.

* I usually don't care one way or the other about Channing Tatum, but holy shit, he was hot in this. :)

I don't really have much other news. I saw Kingsman last week as well, but I am more conflicted about it. (I loved it! but I feel sort of guilty about that!) I saw Big Hero 6 a few weeks back and enjoyed it a lot, although I saw the "twists" coming miles off.

Next cinema trip for me may well be Penguins of Madagascar, because I am easy. Chris wants to see The Seventh Son, but we'll see; the trailers haven't inspired me in the slightest. Home is coming in a month; I'm very ambivalent about it. It's not the True Meaning of Smekday; if I can make myself remember that I should be fine. And then it's a dry spell until Avengers: Age of Ultron on April 23rd - about which I am also ambivalent, but at least if it turns out badly there will be several metric tons of fanworks doing it better. :)


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