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This week's [community profile] fannish5: Name your five favourite starships.

Ugh, so hard!

1. Serenity. She's such an intrinsic part of the lives of her crew; she's beloved, and home, and family, and absolutely irreplaceable.

2. Enterprise, NCC1701-D. This was the Enterprise I fell in love with, the Enterprise that got me hooked on Star Trek. Even now, of all the fictional ships in the multiverse, she's the one I'd want to serve on.

3. Moya. Everything I said about Firefly and then some. ♥

4. Heart of Gold, because she's elegant and whimsical and is capable of miracles.

5. Enterprise, NX-01. Because I thought the production designers did an excellent job of creating a pre-UFP aesthetic; she really feels like the first, prototypical Enterprise. You can see how later ships developed from her template.

My one ridiculous ambition is to see the Earth from space before I die, and of all the fictional 'verses out there, if I could live in any of them, it'd be Star Trek, TNG-era, working in Starfleet.

Which, actually, makes me think of [personal profile] leupagus's excellent Star Trek Reboot AU, Only Good For Legends, which she just finished. It was a fantastic story, but mild spoilers under the cut )

In other news, I'm coming down sick with a cold, which explains why I'm spending a ridiculous amount of time sleeping lately. So I'm going to retire with some Star Trek DVDs, in honour of this post, and glut myself on spaceships.


Jun. 22nd, 2009 02:37 am
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As if I needed more things to go on my list of "Projects I Don't Have Time For", a Reboot Spock vid idea (set to this song) leaped into my brain fully-formed. Which, you know, great. I've already got three Star Trek vid ideas half-done or bubbling in my mind, and I can't complete any of them because of the truly awful source quality. And hey, if three, why not four?

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Chris Pine in drag.

(Man, he has nice shoulders.)

(And it's a very nice dress, too.)
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So I went to see Star Trek again last night, and enjoyed it very much - probably more so than the first time, in fact.

One thing that particularly stood out this time around was the Vulcans, and the impact of the movie's events on Vulcan society.

yar, here be spoilers! )


May. 13th, 2009 06:43 am
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I'm actually getting inspired! For fic!

...now I have to rewatch all my Trek DVDs. Argh. So much canon to get my head around... thank god for Memory Alpha.

(Said collection consists of the entirety of TNG, the entirety of DS9, the entirety of Voyager, half of Enterprise, and all the TNG movies. This is gonna take a while. :))
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[kind of crossposted at LJ]

One of the hassles of being cripplificated in my particular fashion is a general disinclination to go out when not really necessary; combine that with a best friend who is permanently skint and belaboured by fatherly duties, and you get the fact that - unlike days of yore - I almost never make it to the movies any more.

Which doesn't normally bug me all that much, but my flist is abuzz with Star Trek mutterings, and I am sick of being out of the loop, so here I am, watching a lousy-quality telesync release. It's better than a cam version, but not by much.

Honestly, I was biased against this from the get-go when an interview with Abrams made it very clear he wanted to make Star Trek: The Action Movie. We'll see how it pans out in play.

(Bloody hell it's a pretty movie, though. If nothing else, I think I will need to make icons.)

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And, upon reflection, my thoughts:

Spoilery! )


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