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If you're here from the friending meme, hi! I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. If I haven't already responded to your adding of me, do feel free to drop me a message if you like :)

If you aren't here from the friending meme, and you haven't already checked it out, and you'd like to meet more people, do check it out -

Do it for the giraffes!


In other news, I will shortly be winding down my venerable and long-time LiveJournal, [livejournal.com profile] ladyjestyr (and my secondary fandom LJ, [livejournal.com profile] eleanorjane, and let's just confuse things by making that my primary username here on Dreamwidth, good job Eleanor). Much of the content there has been crossposted from here since I moved to Dreamwidth, and I'll be investigating import options to capture the earlier stuff and the LJ-specific comment threads. I really don't check LJ any more at all, and with the brouhaha over the servers moving to Russia, it seems like a good time.

If you're a LiveJournal user and I haven't already connected with you on Dreamwidth, please do let me know your DW username so I can read you over here instead. If you're a LiveJournal-only user and you haven't yet checked it out, I do recommend Dreamwidth -- it runs very stably* off a fork of LJ's software, which is much improved from the base IMO, and Dreamwidth is generally an ethical and very user-responsive company. There's no advertising, basic accounts are free, and premium/paid features are very reasonable.

* Is stably even a real word? I sort of think it should be stablely, but that's just as weird. I dunno.
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Okay, nuts to this, I'm just gonna catch up. :)

8. (Alternate) What is your philosophy on journal layouts?

I'm a big fan of black text, white background, decent font size, decent column width, decent typeface, no ridiculous replacement cursors. I don't have any significant related accessibility issues apart from poor eyesight, but I have little patience for form that impedes function so I'll almost always view offending journals as style=mine.

I also don't much like layouts that don't show tags, both by post and by sidebar list/cloud, since I find tags invaluable for browsing and content discovery.

9. (Alternate) Tell me about your default icon.
For a long time my general internet pseudonym was Jestyr/LadyJestyr and Harley Quinn up there was my default icon pretty much everywhere. Jester -> Fool, and Harley Quinn was the best female Fool I could think of. Also, she's adorable.

A while ago I switched to a photo of me as my default icon in many places, but I still identify with this Harley Quinn icon as strongly as I do with my actual face. And I still use Harley as my default icon on places where I want to be me, but don't want to use an actual photo - dreamwidth, twitter and so on.

10. Pick 10 random icons from your userpics and tell me about them.

Okay, this can go behind a cut :)

here be icons! )

11. What features do you think Dreamwidth should have that it doesn't currently?

* A kudos-style feature!
* User notes!
* A memories system analogous to Delicious (OMG WANT, never gonna happen though)
* The ability to remember viewing preferences (eg style=mine, style=light) by journal (i.e. "ok, I view these in their native styles, these in my style, and these in light style").

That's just off the top of my head. I know there's more. :)

12. What do you consider the five most "telling" interests from the list on your profile? Why?

In alphabetical order:

Read more... )

13. Do you have any unique interests on your user profile? What are they? How'd they get there?

Amazingly, no I don't.

14. Did you have a gateway fandom? Still in it? Why or why not? Is there a community for it on DW?

The first fic I ever read was by [personal profile] cupiscent, in XMMV, and that prompted me to read voraciously in XMMV - so in that sense, it was a gateway. I think Constantine was probably more of a gateway, though, in that I was an active participant in the fandom - I wrote reams of meta, I wallowed in the glorious fics, and I even started (though never finished) fic of my own. Had it been released five or so years later, I probably would have vidded in it (and still think I might, even now).

(alternate) What is your favourite subject to discuss on Dreamwidth?

Fandom stuff, mostly: my fannish reactions to the sources I love, vidding angst, the fandom meta du jour. I kind of wish I had the focus to be monofannish, but there's too much to love. :)

15. What's your current obsession? What about it captures your imagination?

Right now, oddly, it's nail polish. Which may seem kind of shallow, but there's nothing wrong with loving the shiny. It's not something I'd ever done much with before, apart from low-level maintenance stuff, but I bought some OPI nail polish for my mother and I a year ago, and some more at Christmas time, and it triggered something: the urge to collect ALL THE COLOURS.

It's having two good effects, I find, which are probably reinforcing the obsession: firstly, it's an incentive to take good care of my nails, which are typically weak and prone to delaminating. I've never had such nice nails so consistently before, and it's making me want to keep them nice instead of picking at them.

(Which reinforces something I'd realised about myself recently: I need an apparent motivation for reward to do things, not just an intellectual one. For instance, my house has always been rental-house ugly, and I'm very untidy and disorganised by nature. Over the last year or so as it's been slowly renovated and improved, I'm finding that I keep it much nicer without even thinking about it. As I said to a friend, back in the old days I could knock myself out tidying and cleaning and the place would still basically look like shit - whereas now the only thing stopping it looking awesome is the mess, so that's all the incentive I need to deal with the mess unbegrudgingly.)

Er, tangent much? Anyway, yes, second awesome thing about the nailpolish obsession: it's a way of really feeling good about the way I look. I have a number of body-image issues related to my recentish health woes, and they can be very disheartening; keeping my nails nice and (better yet) pretty makes me feel just plain good about myself every time I catch sight of my hands - and that's priceless.


May. 29th, 2009 12:42 pm
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So, I finally worked out how to manage the whole journalling dilemma.

Normal, RL posts and linkage and stuff get posted to [livejournal.com profile] ladyjestyr, as they've always been.

Fandom and fannish posts get posted to [personal profile] eleanorjane on Dreamwidth, and - this is the eureka bit - crossposted to my fandom LJ [livejournal.com profile] eleanorjane with comments disabled.

That way I can still maintain a fannish identity over on LJ, and people who want to see my fandom content on LJ (if they don't have a reading list on DW, for instance) can just friend [livejournal.com profile] eleanorjane and see updates that way.

Why did that take me six weeks to figure out?

...now I just have to get in the habit of commenting on fannish stuff on LJ as eleanorjane, not ladyjestyr - which would be a lot easier if LJ made it easier to switch between accounts on the fly, but sadly I don't see that happening any time soon.
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Hmm, so. I just changed my journal theme over to Elegant Grunge, a third party layout I found on [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts. It's really quite nice, but I'm not sure about it - it feels like there's a lot of wasted space, and the text styling for the number of comments etc. is a little too muted for my tastes. I may have to hammer at a layout myself. Edit: I changed back to Leaving for Paris, the theme I was using before, and then changed the color scheme and a few layout tweaks. This'll do for now, but still:

Tag help needed!
So, I hear that Core 2 styles on DW can handle nested/hierarchical tags. Is there any jiggery-pokery one must enact to have such a wonder, or is it just meant to happen automagically?

WTF, brain.

May. 5th, 2009 10:55 am
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Now I'm having vid-type-thoughts about Dollhouse. I really didn't need that.
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So, one of the big things for which I was looking forward to Dreamwidth was an opportunity and a stimulus to be more active, fannishly. To a certain extent I think that's happened, which is good - hey, look, I posted a fanvid, that's a good start. Right? :)

But on the other hand, I find the LJ/DW divide frustrating. It's easy to maintain identities on two sites, but it's a lot harder to use LJ fannishly - my main LJ is my non-fannish one, and my [livejournal.com profile] eleanorjane LJ account was always very much second-best, because using it required using another browser, or logging out of my main account every time I wanted to post something or comment as [livejournal.com profile] eleanorjane. So my main LJ rolled along, and more often than not I'd just comment on something fannish, or sign up for a ficathon, or whatever, using my main ID because logging out and logging in again was too much hassle.

What I really want, I guess, is for LJ to allow you to switch between identities for a given post or comment without having to log out completely.

Part of the trouble is also in finding an audience. I have a large f'list on my main LJ, and although many (most) aren't in fandom, a few are, but they're all fairly media- and pop-culture-savvy. So if, for instance, I want to post meta, then I can either post it on my fandom journal where relatively few people will see it, or on my non-fannish LJ where I'm likely to get more feedback/input but most of the audience might not be speaking quite the same language as me.

Urf. No answers, I fear; only stopgap solutions. If I were starting over from scratch I'd do it differently - but then, that's true of a lot of other things, too.
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[Crossposted at DW and LJ]

Okay folks, I have a few Dreamwidth invite codes for those as want 'em.

If you're asking for one, please let me know how interested you are - I'd like to use at least some of my codes for people who are actively planning on using the service, for one purpose or another, although I'm happy to facilitate those who are just interested in checking it out for now.

So if you're interested in a code, please post here and let me know what for, and I'll get one to you as soon as I can. Dreamwidth are planning on giving out more codes regularly - they'll give out as many as their paid accounts can support. (Their business plan is one paid account supports nineteen free ones.)

I don't expect to be able to fill everyone's request immediately, but I will use this list as my master list for any future codes I get. (Please let me know if you get an invite elsewhere, too.)

P.S. don't forget to include an email address! Comments are screened for email privacy.
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Well, the Dreamwidth Open Beta has begun. If you authenticated your OpenID previously you'll get your invite code soon (if you haven't already); otherwise, you can buy an account now if you want one. If you already have an OpenID account and you're getting a full account, I'd like to quote [personal profile] torachan in saying:

Hey, folks, please don't delete your OpenIDs once you get a real account. Or if you do, please defriend everyone first, because otherwise it leaves a permanently struck through name on the userinfo page which cannot be gotten rid of. Not only is that ugly, but if too many people do it, it makes it really difficult to read and see who's actually on there.

But also, keeping your OpenID benefits you, not just the people you friended with it. If you delete your OpenID, you won't be able to manage any comments you've made with it in the future, plus at some point they may make it possible to merge your OpenID with your account so that comments made with OpenID show up as your account name.

If you've already deleted your OpenID, you can reactivate it just as you can any deleted account.

Also, today marks the end of the National Poetry Month in the US; I'm obviously not in the US, but I've enjoyed reading the poetry people have been posting in April, particularly [personal profile] musesfool's selections. So I'll pretend I fit the 'national' criterion and participate just this once, with one of my favourite poems:

Fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget/What thou among the leaves hast never known )
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[This entry crossposted to Dreamwidth and LJ.]

So, I've been using Dreamwidth for a little while now, and my impressions are solidly positive. The site's not perfect yet, obviously - there are features yet un-implemented, there are bugs and dead ends, and so on. It is, after all, in closed beta, and that's what beta periods are for. Speaking as someone who's beta tested a reasonable amount of software, Dreamwidth is in pretty good shape. (Try beta-testing World of Warcraft - at least Dreamwidth doesn't completely disappear out from underneath you on a regular basis.) I'll be paying for an account when it goes live, and - if finances allow, which they probably won't - possibly trying to snag one of the permanent seed accounts.

I don't understand why people are being so negative about Dreamwidth; I've seen a lot of hostility from people who don't want to use the service. No-one's holding a gun to their heads and making them get Dreamwidth accounts; no-one forced me to use InsaneJournal or GreatestJournal or any of the LJ clones. Are there really that many offensively pushy Dreamwidth fans out there who are rubbing the naysayers the wrong way? Or is this an unsurprising case of people being resistant to change, and trying to claim the moral high ground about it?

I've seen a number of posts - mostly via metafandom and links, rather than people on my flist - being quite vicious about Dreamwidth and its founders, and painting the people using it as a bunch of elitists who are trying to make the entire population of LiveJournal move en masse. For starters, the irony is choking; these are mostly fandom folks, and fandom is all about squeeing about the good points of something, providing links and picspams and clips of the source and trying to get other people enthused about something you like. And honestly, most of the outright negative posts I've seen just sound like sheer bloody-mindedness at this point.

*eyeroll* Grow up, people. I'm allowed to like something you don't, without it threatening your world.
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Woot! [personal profile] grrliz has provided a tutorial to import a lot of her custom journal layouts from The Fulcrum into DW. The tutorial is here if you're interested, and you can view a list of compatible Fulcrum theme releases here.
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I keep getting logged out of Dreamwidth; I logged out to check my OpenID account's messages, logged back in, and it's been happening ever since. SO ANNOYING.

I can only assume it's Safari rather than Dreamwidth, so I'll have to see if it's cookies or something. (Mmm, cookies.) Seriously, this is ridiculously annoying. Alternatively, is anyone else having troubles with it? Is it just a Safari thing?


In other news, this post has some handy details about features available specifically to paid accounts. [personal profile] musesfool, you might be interested to note that it looks like 'friendsfriends' will be a paid-only feature, as it's a computationally-expensive function.


Also, this FAQ answer is very useful for LJ-code equivalents.

<lj user=username> = <user name="username"> or <user name="username" site="site.tld">
<lj-cut> = <cut>
<lj-cut text="foo"> = <cut text="foo">
<lj-raw> = <raw-code>
<lj-poll> = <poll>
<lj-pi> = <poll-item>
<lj-pq> = <poll-question>

However, LiveJournal markup will also work on Dreamwidth for backwards compatibility.

So you could link to me via <user name="eleanorjane"> or you could link to my LJ with <user name="ladyjestyr" site="livejournal.com"> -- I think.
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I keep forgetting to give people access, as well as subscribing to them. That's awkward, because it looks like a snub. Hrm.

AUGH. And here was me thinking we'd got away from the whole 'friending being fraught with drama' thing!

Anyway - apologies if I flipflop on the access settings for a while; I'm still working out how I'm going to handle the 'trusted readers' issue thing. To be honest, I think I'll probably treat things largely like LiveJournal. I cannot think of many people where I'd want to read their stuff but I don't want them to read mine - and I'm not anticipating posting much (if anything) under lock anyway.

If that changes, well, I can burn that bridge when I come to it. *g*


In other news, iJournal is definitely inferior to xJournal. For starters, you can't have more than one entry open at a time, so I can't leave a half-written draft lying around. Boo.


Oh dear. I've just realised I don't know the code for linking to another user, a la LJ's [lj user=] tag. Time to go dive into the FAQs, I think. Wish me luck, and pass me a snorkel.
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So, DW lets you import old journal entries, icons, and comments from other journalling services using the common codebase - LJ, IJ, et cetera. I'm debating whether or not to do that - moreso from my previous fandom journal than my regular LJ. I think I've decided against it, because:

a) it would ruin my 'fresh start on dreamwidth!' thing, both symbolically and literally (by cluttering up my journal page).
b) it would highlight just how unproductive and sporadic I have been, and how often I've said "I'm doin' it this time, I really am!". I'd rather not immortalise that any further. ;-)

So I think I'll just leave it be.

On another subject, it looks like I'm going to have to abandon my much-loved xJournal app, as it doesn't have any options for adding non-LJ accounts - although the maintainer is working on adding support for non-LJ accounts. I shall turn to iJournal in the meantime, but I remember not being a huge fan of it last time I tried it.

Admittedly that was donkey's years ago, though.


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