May. 29th, 2009 12:42 pm
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So, I finally worked out how to manage the whole journalling dilemma.

Normal, RL posts and linkage and stuff get posted to [ profile] ladyjestyr, as they've always been.

Fandom and fannish posts get posted to [personal profile] eleanorjane on Dreamwidth, and - this is the eureka bit - crossposted to my fandom LJ [ profile] eleanorjane with comments disabled.

That way I can still maintain a fannish identity over on LJ, and people who want to see my fandom content on LJ (if they don't have a reading list on DW, for instance) can just friend [ profile] eleanorjane and see updates that way.

Why did that take me six weeks to figure out? I just have to get in the habit of commenting on fannish stuff on LJ as eleanorjane, not ladyjestyr - which would be a lot easier if LJ made it easier to switch between accounts on the fly, but sadly I don't see that happening any time soon.

WTF, brain.

May. 5th, 2009 10:55 am
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Now I'm having vid-type-thoughts about Dollhouse. I really didn't need that.
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So, one of the big things for which I was looking forward to Dreamwidth was an opportunity and a stimulus to be more active, fannishly. To a certain extent I think that's happened, which is good - hey, look, I posted a fanvid, that's a good start. Right? :)

But on the other hand, I find the LJ/DW divide frustrating. It's easy to maintain identities on two sites, but it's a lot harder to use LJ fannishly - my main LJ is my non-fannish one, and my [ profile] eleanorjane LJ account was always very much second-best, because using it required using another browser, or logging out of my main account every time I wanted to post something or comment as [ profile] eleanorjane. So my main LJ rolled along, and more often than not I'd just comment on something fannish, or sign up for a ficathon, or whatever, using my main ID because logging out and logging in again was too much hassle.

What I really want, I guess, is for LJ to allow you to switch between identities for a given post or comment without having to log out completely.

Part of the trouble is also in finding an audience. I have a large f'list on my main LJ, and although many (most) aren't in fandom, a few are, but they're all fairly media- and pop-culture-savvy. So if, for instance, I want to post meta, then I can either post it on my fandom journal where relatively few people will see it, or on my non-fannish LJ where I'm likely to get more feedback/input but most of the audience might not be speaking quite the same language as me.

Urf. No answers, I fear; only stopgap solutions. If I were starting over from scratch I'd do it differently - but then, that's true of a lot of other things, too.


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