Apr. 24th, 2010 04:46 am
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Today's [community profile] fannish5:

Name 5 characters you think would have a good time hanging out with you and your friends - in your world, not theirs.

1. Tim McGee (NCIS), because he's basically just like my friends, except for the day job. (If any of my friends are federal agents, they haven't told me...)
2. Marten Reed (Questionable Content), because we're just like his friends, only less crazy and therefore somewhat more relaxing. :)
3. Sam Axe (Burn Notice), because he's incredibly laid-back, and easy-to-please, and this part of the world entirely understands the 'gentleman of leisure' lifestyle he aims for.
4. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), because, well, birds of a feather flock together.
5. Abby Sciuto (NCIS), because she could have a good time hanging out with anybody.


And now for a weekly roundup, since I'm trying to shake myself out of this uncommunicative rut I'm in.

This week in Eleanorland: )
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I've mainlined four and a half seasons over the last week or so, like a good little addict (although I admit to skipping through some of the embarrassment 'humour'), and I find I have Thoughts!

The strength of this show is really, really in the characters. The plots of the week are interchangeable, and have some pretty noticeable holes -- if you're looking. I, personally, don't tend to look, because I would rather enjoy my entertainment than find reasons to dislike it. But I've definitely noticed some, and I'm sure people who look see a whole lot more.

But the characters! I love everyone; this show is so good at making you care. I love the whole Jeffersonian team; I loved Sweets from the first moment he appeared; I even love Assistant Director Hacker in all his dorky glory. I love the rotating interns, especially Wendell and Vincent, and I love Angela and Hodgins and Cam and Caroline and Max (and I loved Dr. Goodman and Cullen before they disappeared), and above all I adore Booth, who is so totally the type of character I love: endlessly competent, but dorky and goofy and totally endearing. (Although I do not love his sex-negative anti-kink totally vanilla mindset.)

Funnily enough, Brennan herself is actually the character I love least, because she's written with least consistency. I find it really hard to sympathise with her because I don't understand how she can so consistently get humans and emotions so wrong, to the point of rudeness (although I've heard that she's unofficially meant to be non-neurotypical, perhaps with Asperger's; if that's the case it solves that gripe) and I find it hard to believe that an anthropologist a) would be so dismissive of cultural mores and b) would be so dismissive of psychology.

I am a little annoyed at myself, though -- I meant to keep Bones on hold to tide me over the hiatus this year, and look, I've nearly run out of episodes to watch already. Oops.

...also, I'm going to need to make icons.
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Not to whine, but I am all meh at the moment. Health, life, the state of the world, whatever; perhaps it's just the season for it.

On a brighter note, a few days ago I randomly watched the first two episodes of Bones, and was immediately hooked. I have now watched the first two seasons in three days.

On the one hand, \o/.

On the other hand, I am totally spoiled for the arc of season 3, and spoilers, if talking about TV from two years ago is spoilery ) I think I'm going to have to do a lot of fast-forwarding to avoid coming down with a bad case of the sads. I could just skip it, but I have this ... thing ... about not watching TV episodes out of order.

(Also, wow, their greenscreening to insert Bones and Booth into scenes of DC is really ... quite bad.)


Also, my parents are going to be here in ~5 hours, and I have not slept in 24 hours. /o\


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