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...some tasty long Harry Potter book-era fic, please? Gen is fine, as is any pairing; I have a slight preference for H/D but I'm really not too fussy. The longer the better. :)

Unfortunately I stopped reading widely in HP well before I started reliably bookmarking, so apart from a few favourites (*cough*Transfigurations*cough*) I have no idea where the good older stuff is, and I have been jonesing to read some.

In particular, I'm really hoping for stuff set near the end of the book series, or post-series, but written back around the book 3-4 era -- when it was clear there was going to be a war, and soon, but nobody knew what form it was going to take, so every fic handled it very differently.

(Alternatively, I also love Hogwarts-set AUs; "what if Harry had been a Slytherin", and so forth.)

Help gratefully appreciated, or a pointer to a reliable reccer would be lovely too. :)
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Hooray, the Yuletide Madness stories have gone live! I've been waiting eagerly for this; my Madness treat is, I think, likely to be a lot more popular/accessible than my main story, and I was on tenterhooks to see whether my recipient liked it or not. Thankfully, it went over well. :)

And I was lucky enough to get not one but two treats:

Season of Goodwill (het, general), a Castle story about Castle and Beckett and their families at Christmas. The voices are just right, and I love it when Beckett manages to surprise Castle.

To Be Known Across A Thousand Lives (femslash, teen), an utterly gorgeous Fifth Element story about Leeloo and Plavalaguna across the endless cycle of Leeloo's lives. It's so easy to forget that Leeloo has lived many times before, and this story shines a lovely light on them.

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First up one must acknowledge the huge amounts of work done by the Yuletide mods, [livejournal.com profile] elynross and [personal profile] astolat, without whom we wouldn't even have Yuletide. ♥

Also owed thanks are the coders and volunteers from the AO3, who built the platform in time for this year and wrangled every bug into submission. ♥

And the good people of #yuletide, hippos and non-hippos alike, for the awesome support and company. ♥

...this is starting to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech, so on with the show.

I was lucky enough to get four stories this year, and I have a sneaking suspicion that at least one of them is written by someone I know. My signup actually went up for pinch-hit (along with 300 others, heh), so I'm not sure which is my 'official' story, but they're all awesome. I haven't commented yet because the Archive server is sadfacing all over the place (as someone said in chat, BEST BETA TEST EVER) so I thought I'd squee about them here. :)

I got:

When We Meet (gen, general), a Fifth Element story about one of Korben's less-than-perfect fares. I love The Fifth Element so very much, and yet I've always been totally unable to produce any fanworks for it - seeing another slice of the world is very, very cool.

The One With No Pants (het, mature), a Castle story about the morning after the night before. I love the banter between Beckett and Castle, and the characterisation felt very true to both of them.

Years Gone (gen, general), a Bugs Potter story about where Bugs is in ten years' time - and it's not where one might expect. A very interesting concept about the future, and I didn't see it coming. Plus, hey, Bugs Potter - a Korman fandom that does not get enough love. :)

A Few Of My Favorite Things (gen, general), a Castle story full of Christmas and laughter and awesomeness. This is the one that I think was written by one of you lot (or at least someone who knows me) and oh, it's delightful. The characters are all note-perfect and it's a lovely Christmassy slice of Castle.

Thankyou, wonderful writers, thankyou so much! ♥

Plus I've got two more gifts waiting for me when Yuletide Madness opens, which will hopefully be soon!

Now I am going to eat dinner, and when I come back I will brave the servers to leave grateful comments for my lovely generous Yuletide writers!


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