On Batgirl

Jul. 26th, 2011 03:33 pm
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This WebSnark post perfectly sums up the problems with Barbara Gordon's reversion from Oracle into Batgirl, for me.

... Barbara Gordon was put in that wheelchair in 1988. She had debuted in comic books in 1967, so she had a twenty one year run as Batgirl. She debuted as Oracle in 1989, so at this point she’s had a twenty-two year run as Oracle. That’s an important point — she’s been Oracle (and disabled) longer than she was Batgirl.

So the brand argument, to me, is somewhat specious. That brings us to their earlier statement — the one on diversity and how they’re chock full of it.

Well, they’re not. They’re just not. The ‘new’ DC Universe has put more white men in the forefront, not less.

And Barbara Gordon has gone from an extremely powerful role — and role model — to a weak one.

Oh, I have confidence in Gail Simone to write a strong Batgirl. I really do. But Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again. Some other character is Batwoman, defined as being entirely independent from Batman. Barbara Gordon is back to the role of being passive and scared (look at that cover I’ve reprinted above) as Batgirl, where she was strong, confident, independent and distinctive as Oracle.

Right on.
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Somebody please talk me out of signing up for the [community profile] white_lotus fanworks exchange. On the one hand, it's due after the Christmas rush (seriously, December is going to be, uh, rather busier than I'm used to) so it's viable. On the other hand, argh, I'm terrible about sticking to deadlines. But on the third hand, it might be the kick in the pants that I need to get vidding again. Plus, you know, AVATAR. Argh.

Also, these astronaut photos are awesome and make me regret, yet again, that I was talked out of trying for a career with NASA by my silly careers advisor in high school. I ♥ our Pale Blue Dot.
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Reminded by a post from [personal profile] musesfool that I wanted to post about this:

A while back, the Henson people started making short Muppets videos and posting them to YouTube.

First, enjoy 'Bohemian Rhapsody', Muppet-style.

Now, enjoy the bonus commentary track, as only Muppets could manage.

(Also, I am way behind on 21 Days Of Love posts because my sleep schedule has just totally bollocksed itself up and while I'm recovering I am Incoherent McUnwordypants. I'll catch up on the weekend, I promise hope!)


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