Aug. 29th, 2014

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It is always sad to see someone have a sudden attack of being a colossal raging jerkbag. (At least, I hope it's a sudden attack. It would be even more disappointing if he's been this much of a jerkbag all along.)

This is possibly my only regret about the Internet - I find it almost impossible to consume the things I love any more without that consumption being coloured by my knowledge of the people behind the things I love. I'm not going to say that I liked it better when authors were just a postage-stamp-sized headshot on the flap of a dustjacket, but I'm thinking about it.


In other news, I'm super tired. I'm so tired that I bailed on the Pentatonix concert I was meant to go to last night - for which I'd bought tickets and all - and said "screw this, I'm just going home". It's not a lack of sleep, per se, it's just a total lack of "me" time, chill-out-at-home-and-do-nothing time. This weekend is going to be full of that sort of time and I will stab people in the eyeballs if they try to make me do things.


eleanorjane: The one, the only, Harley Quinn. (Default)
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