May. 24th, 2016 06:51 pm
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Back from Civil War with the housemate.

It was ... not as bad I'd feared, but as bad as I'd expected. I'm not sorry I saw it, so I can read the fic, but gee I'm glad I had low expectations going in.

The entire plot revolved around completely unreasonable interpretations of everything the Avengers have done. (I'm sorry, were they supposed to NOT oppose the Chitauri? I admit Sokovia could be seen as their fault, but the explosion at the start of this that triggers the Accords? Crossbones started it by assaulting the Centre for Infectious Diseases, and if the Avengers hadn't stopped him there'd be a bioweapon on the black market. And if Wanda hadn't done what she did, his explosion would have taken out a LOT MORE PEOPLE at ground level.)

And Tony, oh jesus, STOP MAKING FUCKING TERRIBLE DECISIONS. Christ. I used to love Tony, in a fond "aw, you fuckup" kind of way. I reeeeeally don't like him much any more. (Also, I realise that the "Pepper and I are on a break" thing is so they can justify Tony doing all the dumb shit he does in this movie, because Pepper would not stand for this stupidity, but I refuse to believe they'd be on a break, what the hell.)

Also, HOW THE HELL does Tony think Thunderbolt Ross is worth the time of day after they've explicitly shown us that Bruce is one of Tony's few actual friends?

(I was actually willing to accept Tony's irrational pursuit of Bucky in the Siberian fight scenes though - his "I don't care, he killed my mom" bit seemed pretty valid to me.)

Also, T'Challa, you are a grade A jerkface. (And wow, I did not love his "I am better than every single one of the Avengers at everything they do" schtick.)

Also, also, Steve and Sharon had zero chemistry. If they're not willing to give us Steve/Bucky, for god's sake give us Steve/Nat, because they had fantastic chemistry.

(I loooooooooved Nat's muttered "you could at least recognise me" bit when Bucky's fighting her - EEEEEEE RED ROOM BUCKY/NAT SHOUTOUT EEEEEE.)

Well, I guess all I can hope is that they've got the Superheroes Fight Each Other part of the MCU out of the way and that Infinity War will get back to the good stuff.

At least we have fic!

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Date: 2016-05-27 07:33 am (UTC)
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Mostly, I think the "Pepper and I are on a break" thing is there because Gwyneth Paltrow's contract evidently didn't provide for appearances outside the Iron Man movies, and having her busy with CEO stuff stops being credible the second or third time around. OTOH, I also tend to agree that the Pepper/Tony relationship shouldn't be vulnerable in the way the script tries to suggest.

On the third hand...not having Paltrow available makes it hard to write any really credible arc for Tony in this film and still actually do the "Civil War" story, because if the Pepper/Tony relationship is stable going into this movie, then what happens in this movie (a) will put specific stress on that relationship, and (b) will pretty much require Pepper to be on hand to pull Tony back from screwing up too badly. (And having said *that*, considering where we end this movie plot-wise -- with the Avengers divided -- that pullback might not actually happen till a film or two down the line.) And there's not much of a way to solve that short of not doing the "Civil War" story in the first place. (It does not help that this is a really crowded movie character-wise, almost to the point of being Avengers 2.5 rather than Cap 3.)


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