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Because there's not enough uncomplicated yay! in my life, here's some things that are making me happy right now:

* Archer, which is hilarious and oddly addictive, and could teach lessons on how to make edgy comedy that's not wall-to-wall offensive.

* Castle, my viewing of which fell by the wayside a year or more ago, and after my TV-watching buddy acknowledged last week that we weren't going to have time to watch it, I mainlined over a season of it, and I love so much about it. I don't remember any of the plots, but they're not the joy of a show like this.

* Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, the prequel telemovie which aired a few days ago. OMG SAM. "El Barbia!" "You really want to kiss me right now, don't you!" Beatriz! I love Sam Axe a ridiculous amount, I can tell you, and the whole thing was great. (And Sam's execution of the Michael Westen Voice Over - awesome.)

* The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells, recced by [personal profile] mollyamory. It's smart, clever fantasy with excellent characterisation and worldbuilding, and an intriguing plot. Amazon refused to sell me a Kindle version of it (SCREW YOU, ARTIFICIAL DIGITAL SCARCITY) so a friend hooked me up with an ebook version while I order a hardcopy. (I am not a patient person.)

* DS9, [livejournal.com profile] ds9_rewatch and the friending meme. I am really hooked on Trek at the moment, and very glad to have people to talk about it with... to... at... whatever. :)
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Swiped from [personal profile] helens78 and a couple of other places ;)

Here's a theme that goes "post your five favorite TV shows in no particular order, and answer questions!"

I'm going to answer this for 'my five favourite shows ever', not 'right now', so:

a. Farscape (OH MY HEART)
b. Futurama
c. Star Trek: The Next Generation
e. Castle

Fun stuff here! )


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