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I have been staring at iMovie for coming up on six hours now. Thank god the vid is nearly done - about 75% of the way through and I've done most of the fiddly bits.

I think.

Of course, what would I know? This is my first-ever vid, so it may turn out to be... um, terrible. But whatever! As long as I learn and improve, right? Right?

(It's a Leverage vid. I haven't actually seen any Leverage vids yet - are they around? Where should I be looking for them?)

Okay, time for bed - yes, it's nearly 11am, but I've been up all night! - so I can be awake for tonight's Ulduar raid, and then I can stay up and get this sucker finished.
eleanorjane: Sophie Deveraux looking worried. (damn)
Insomnia sucks. At 9pm I was desperately trying not to fall asleep because I had stuff to do. At midnight I finally got everything done, went to bed, and stared at the ceiling for an hour before getting back up again... and making icons.

I have this unhealthy fascination with Photoshop in 100x100 pieces. I'm not necessarily the greatest icon maker in the world, but I do love it.

I also love Leverage. Leverage + Photoshop = little shiny squares of pretty people!

(Not for taking - thankyou!)
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So here's a thing I love about Leverage: so much of the fic is full of Warcraft references! All the fangirls who watch Leverage _and_ play WoW are letting their inner WoW nerds out and I love it.

I've always felt - not exactly frustrated - but kinda bifurcated; my fannish life is cut in half between WoW and the fanwork I do there (theorycrafting, blogging, et cetera) and media fandom proper. And I've always felt a little thingy that no matter what I talk about, I'm going to be boring half my audience, y'know?

Except apparently not, because I keep reading fics with WoW references that prove the author knows what they're talking about! It's awesome - I have found my people, yo!


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