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The four dozen eggs I understand, but what possessed me to order six cans of assorted cannellini beans and chick peas?

I really need to stop doing my online grocery orders after midnight. Clearly I get very strange ideas.
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Hmm. Bit dry and dusty around here at the moment. I feel bad for having been so absent, and of course the longer one lets it lapse the harder it is to break the silence and start talking again. Plus I've been feeling rather disconnected from most of my online communities lately - such as they are - and I've found it hard to keep up. And, finally, technology has got in my way; I've been playing more games of late, which means booting from OS X to Windows (since few game companies release their games for the Mac), which means it's a lot harder to just keep something open in a Chrome tab to read later; it's inevitably saved on my browser in whichever OS I'm not in when I want to read it.

So, um. Have I missed anything exciting from y'all? Please link me if so; my absence should not be interpreted as a lack of interest in other people's lives, but as a fail at managing my own.

This will probably come as no surprise, but I've been feeling unaccountably low lately. Unmotivated, un-energetic, and just generally un. Need to find something to perk myself up before the 'festive' season, I think.

I am kind of surprised, for example, that I'm completely unmotivated for Yuletide this year. Despite last year's relative success, this year there was just a voice saying "it's too hard, you won't get it done in time, it'll be crap", et cetera, and foolishly I listened to it. I haven't looked into it but I'm sure I've missed the signup cutoffs now, so I shall have to content myself with reading the archive on Christmas Day instead. And maybe trying to snag a pinch hit, or join in Madness, if I can scrape together the hooray required in time.

I need something to light a fire under me again; something that says "yes you can, and yes you want to". I'm just not quite sure what'd do the trick.

...Okay, that was a whole big pile of mope, and I'm sorry. I'd delete it all, but I can't think of a better way of explaining why I've been so AWOL for the last few months. Hopefully this will break the ice and I can at least start participating in the community again, if nothing else.


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