Aug. 3rd, 2016

so, imzy.

Aug. 3rd, 2016 07:53 am
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Does anyone know how long the queue for signups/invites is taking at the moment?

(Also, I saw Ghostbusters, and like everyone else I now have an epic crush on Holtzmann, omg.)
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I was hi-lariously amused at work today when a colleague talked about having seen the new Ghostbusters and how she really liked Jenny McCarthy in it. Wait, what? But she confessed that she too had an epic crush on Holtzmann, so I'll forgive her.

Honestly, I thought Ghostbusters was fucking great. The editing was a bit shaky, I thought - you could see the holes where scenes had been and weren't any more - but the movie was better without the scenes they took out, and honestly you could have just given me two straight hours of Holtzmann licking her guns and being better than everything and I'd have been happy.

And oh, god, KEVIN. I feel like a bit of a traitor for going to see a movie whose defining feature in the zeitgeist is its female cast and then delighting in the male bit part, but honestly, Kevin was a fucking treasure and basically a rather daffy pet in human skin and I will fight you if you don't agree. (Okay, I won't, I'll just be sad for you.)

It is not often I get a movie that's exactly what I wanted from it. Ghostbusters hit that mark again and again, so I am perfectly content.

Also, jesus, HOLTZMANN. ♥

(Edit: also, I really want a Holtzmann vid to "Timber". That would be aces.)


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