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First, let me preface this by saying that I have almost no awareness of any of the Ant-Man characters in canon, although I've enjoyed the versions of Janet I've seen popping up in various MCU-fic, and I'm aware of Hank Pym's general unpopularity at least in the circles of fandom I frequent (right along with the Everyone Hates Reed Richards meme).

So, given that I came into Ant-Man with no real feeling about how things ought to be: I liked it. A lot more than I expected to, given a) AoU, and b) the general fandom dubiety about the Ant-Man movie.

* Okay, getting this out of the way at the front: Janet van Dyne is referenced, though she never appears; she's long-dead in this story, mostly to provide family conflict. Refreshingly, I felt that was centred just as much on Hope van Dyne's angst over her mother's death as it is on Hank Pym's manpain. So, yes, Janet is fridged for the sake of the story, and I can't blame diehard Janet fans for being pretty damn upset.

* That said, I think the movie definitely did right by Hope, and ends on a positive note regarding her character. Although the storyline involves her being sidelined, the movie itself doesn't, if that makes sense, and it acknowledges -- even if her father doesn't -- that she should be the one in the suit. Yes, her father treats her shabbily; no, we as the audience aren't asked to feel that he's in the right, and he does get the hell over himself by the end of the movie. And I for one am frankly excited to see more of Hope in the future. Hope is fucking awesome.

* The movie was refreshingly light-hearted; it was funny at a lot of points. And not the "snappy banter amongst the moments of srsface drama" that the Avengers movies have treated us to; this was most definitely an action comedy. I laughed my ass off - and so did the BF, and he's much harder to please. I laughed as much as I did in Guardians of the Galaxy. That was very welcome.

* Shallow moment: Paul Rudd just gets better with age.

I had no major complaints and a lot of fun. More like this please, Marvel.


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