No more cakes and ale (race edition)

Aug. 17th, 2017 08:20 am
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I follow an excellent curated list of reporters. Thrown in as the token conservative is Salena Zito. Zito's claim to fame is that she called Pennsylvania and thus the nation as going for Trump early, and she was right. She has positioned herself as the voice of Forgotten Non-Urban America. (This reached hilarious levels when she toured "non-urban America" and counted in, not only a commuter suburb of Gary, Indiana, but people who actually commuted to Gary.)

Today, Salena retweets a 1994 post in which she explained it all to us, race edition. (Save for nausea before clicking.)

Briefly, the essay says that a black family moved into her white neighborhood in 1969. I'll let her explain it.

Race in Pittsburgh, as in many industrial cities, was volatile in 1969. Society was changing rapidly for whites and blacks and, as with most change, some people reacted with fear, others with anger, and many with no brains at all.

In typically horrible timing, government-enforced integration coincided with Lyndon Johnson's “Great Society,” which bulldozed iconic ethnic neighborhoods — tearing apart lifelong experiences, communities and ways of life — in favor of public housing.

It was supposed to compensate for past injustices but it merely punished one community to make amends to another.

No mention that the "iconic ethnic neighborhoods" included black neighborhoods, of course, or the neighborhoods -- almost certainly including Zito's -- whose sale contracts forbade the owner to sell to a black person.  No, that neighborhood just mysteriously grew up all-white.

Thanks to my parents, the Chatmans weren't considered “black people.” They were just new neighbors, and we did what we always did when someone new moved onto the block — baked chocolate-chip cookies and delivered those to their home.
Three months later — after spending our days jumping rope, playing tag and all of the other things that 9-year-old girls do — a brick shattered the Chatmans' front window; another smashed their car's windshield, and the perpetrators, a couple of teenage boys, tried to burn a cross on the lawn.

“Your dad chased those young teens ... he caught all of them, single-handedly, and held them for the police,” Carnisa recalled. “I remember him telling them how ashamed he was of them.”

And everything was okay then! And Carnisa, her black friend,  repaid her by saving her from a black riot in high school! And therefore:

So the solution to our nation's racial discourse should be handled by us individually, one person at a time — and not by exploiting bad deeds done by both sides that only further the hatred.

Note that it never occurs to Zito that Carnisa had to go to school with the brothers and sisters and friends of those boys who burned a cross.  Or that there were other people who put their resentment of "tearing apart lifelong experiences" into words and action.  No.  Zito made friends with Carnisa and they're still close friends and that's what everybody should do!  And nobody (among Zito's friends) considered the Chatmans black, so that made everything better!

You won't read an essay that better encapsulates the belief that individual virtue is better than collective action.   With a triple scoop of  white privilege.

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Aug. 17th, 2017 11:28 am
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This not-working-from-home thing is kinda lame. I am reserving judgement until I see what kind of stock grant they’re talking about, but I’m (privately) putting them on notice because I am not sure I want to keep going into an office 5 days/week and having to sort the rest of life out on the fringes. I know that’s how most people work, but I’m not sure I want to go back to that, at least not w/o any significant financial incentive. (Or, I’m just having my regularly scheduled omg-school-started-I-hate-life freakout--it's hard to say.)

So, there’s some travel stuff coming up, maybe I can see some of you…?
  • Sun/Mon, Aug 20-21 – Eclipse Day – I’m taking the easy way out and just going up north a bit, around Lake Hartwell. (Fingers crossed for weather.)
  • Thurs-Mon, Aug 31-Sept4 – DragonCon – We’re in the same hotel as recent years and you all know how much I &heart; the bartenders at Pulse in the Marriott, so yell at me if you’re going to be around. No cosplay this year, unless I throw together some random steampunk persona.
  • Fri-Sun, Sept8-10 – NYC!! – I have to burn some Ritz-Carlton free nights and this is literally the only weekend between now & Nov that D’s & my schedules align. I haven’t booked flights yet, but we’ll be staying down in the Financial District (b/c, see above, re: free.) I have no idea what my dear, darling husband wants to do, but I generally have to keep him busy, so I’m thinking a walking tour on Saturday morning, ending in Brooklyn & then maybe a show on Sat night & I don’t know what on Sunday morning, but maybe the Met…?

    There's possibly a little bit more to come, but I have to see how kids' schedules shake out.

    ....aaaaaand I'm late for Wednesday books, but that’s not much of a surprise by this point, right?

    Dark Days Club, Alison Goodman – So very much a Regency Buffy, which is not a bad thing, just amusing. Good world-building, both the Regency and the demon stuff—I really felt like she loved both sources and worked hard to integrate them. I’ll have to see if the library has the next one.

    A Queen From The North, Erin McRae, Racheline Maltese – You all know how much I love me a modern-day, marry-the-prince romance (well, when I’m not ranting about how poorly it was executed), and this one has the added catnip of an alternate history timeline that is actually rooted in the War of Roses and all of that fallout, so when I saw/heard this on one of the romance blogs (I’m thinking it was redheadedgirl on Smart Bitches, b/c our tastes tend to align) I snagged it up and inhaled it in a day. (I ask you: what’s not to love about a marriage-of-convenience-turned-real plot? Well, again: the execution of it all.) Verdict: goooooood. And more to come. The romance itself was a little low-key, but the supporting characters were good (and wonderfully not a solid wall of white-cis-het) and while yes, most of the obstacles could have been avoided by actual communication between the principals, it felt like everybody’s reasons for avoidance were real (stupid, but real, which is so true) so that worked for me—I am looking forward to the next in the series.

    Warrior’s Apprentice, Lois McMaster Bujold, narrated by someone who was fine, but not worth going to find the listing as I write this – The House of Boys loooooves the Vorkosigans, and since I have worked my way through their other love (Dresden), I figured I’d go for these, too. I was entertained, though the cover image is horrible and I could have gone for someone reading this who was closer in age to the teenaged Miles. Minor quibbles, though. I need to line up the next one because #2Son is leading off our conversations as I leave the office with things like, “seriously, don’t be looking at your twitter feed at stoplights. You need to keep yourself distracted until you’re home,” which is probably not untrue. I’m really only reading to get to A Civil Campaign and the most recent novel about Cordelia, but I’ll go through the intervening steps.

    The Darwath Trilogy, Barbara Hambly – I got sidetracked on this one b/c Dark Days was horribly overdue and then Queen came zooming in out of nowhere and totally sideswiped my attention, but I made myself pick it back up last night to keep from cycling through twitter endlessly.

    I need to maybe grab the next Peter Grant or Vorkosigan on audio, and then go through what BabyBoy brought back from the Shared Worlds book giveaway. I’m 6 books behind on my book challenge, but part of that is because I get into series and end up reading 4 books where only 1 counts toward the specific trope or setting or whatever for the challenge.

    Ciao, kids!
  • Episode 35 - A Good Man's War

    Aug. 17th, 2017 11:10 am
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    Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/stgjr/pseuds/stgjr">stgjr</a>


    Our narrator gets a call he has long been anticipating, and dreading just as strongly: Harry Dresden's daughter has been kidnapped.

    Words: 6839, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Series: Part 10 of "The Power of a Name" Series 4 - "Time Lord Vindicant"


    Aug. 17th, 2017 05:17 pm
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    I heard a rumour that there's a meme where you find out what's your five most and least kudosed fic on AO3 and ponder about it. So I'm obv doing that. Get ready for a blast from the past!

    Kudosing )


    Aug. 18th, 2017 01:06 am
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    I think I have The Sick. Not badly! But enough to feel horrible on and off. (Also I have had two naps today. That is a lot of naps for a non-sick person!)

    Class was fine, this morning. Came home and did end up getting some homework done, but - yeah, naps, and out of brain errors, and ugh, pita.

    Not sure how it got so late, but I'm guessing too-tired-to-brain-whoops-what-is-time, as fucking usual. Bed now, though. Yes. Sleeeeep.

    5 things (various)

    Aug. 17th, 2017 10:17 am
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    From [personal profile] magnetic_pole, since I'm failing at posting anything else.

    5 things you’ll find in my bag: lip balm, headphones, pencil case, glasses, ballet shoes

    5 things you’ll find in my bedroom: photos from friends, whiteboard, A:TLA DVDs, yarn bag, way fewer books than expected (our bookcase is in our living room & I left my SF/F collection in the US)

    5 things I’ve always wanted to do: visit more places on my travel wishlist (Brazil, Greece, Istanbul, Prague, New Zealand...), try scuba diving, develop a yoga/pilates habit (unsuccessful so far), get a dog (someday when I have more time/$?), create my dream home library

    5 things that make me happy: ♥ tea ♥, delicious food, music, guilt-free free time, THIS NEWS FROM NK JEMISIN!!!!!

    5 things I’m currently into: zouk, choreographing with S, Agatha Christie film adaptations (I'm on a huge Miss Marple and Poirot kick), Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge, Otayuri (recs appreciated!)

    5 things on my to-do list: finish exam prep, batch cook, clean house, schedule a massage, contact subletter

    Organic Interface

    Aug. 17th, 2017 10:16 am
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    Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/SelenaTerna/pseuds/SelenaTerna">SelenaTerna</a>


    The Ninth Doctor suddenly finds his Third self on board his TARDIS. He's not pleased.

    Words: 680, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 15 of Time Petals Prompt Fics

    Recuerdos de ayer

    Aug. 17th, 2017 09:55 am
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    Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/HarleenFQ/pseuds/HarleenFQ">HarleenFQ</a>


    Cuando todos los trabajadores a bordo del Valiant duermen, los gritos de una pesadilla despiertan los sentimientos entre El Amo y El Doctor.

    Words: 1155, Chapters: 1/1, Language: Español

    i'm on the move for you.

    Aug. 17th, 2017 04:17 pm
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    * Zavvi is currently selling their previous threads boxes, two for the price of one. So if you're in Britain you can get two books and two t-shirts for 10£. Ending up with an Aliens and a Fury Road t-shirt, plus Charlie Jane Anders' All the Birds in the Sky ([personal profile] renay is vomiting rainbows in the reviews, so I'm guessing it's an alright book hehe), and another book that looks ok.

    * [personal profile] musesfool is running an OPI Summer Challenge, and that is pretty much the funnest premise ever. So many good potential prompts to choose from.

    * If I ever attempt to give the third season of Twin Peaks a fourth chance, somebody please come punch me in the mouth.

    * Found out the next episode of Game of Thrones was leaked, but alas, I'd already been spoiled. Thanks, twitter.

    * I really need to finish Mass Effect Andromeda when I'm home, but I haven't even looked at my Playstation the past two weeks *sigh*

    * Of course, dumb me just started another game on my laptop, plus a couple of playthroughs on youtube, because why do anything that makes sense ever. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice looks all kinds of intense, and I'm holding off watching more than the first play video since I do want to play it myself. But I'd need headphones I can use, hmmm... Meanwhile, I did make some icons.

    (it really does look - and sound - amazing)

    * Also, a vid rec list should be forthcoming shortly.

    Hard reading -- Roxane Gay: HUNGER

    Aug. 17th, 2017 09:08 am
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    I started reading this via audio, narrated by the author. Technically excellent; both writing and reading. The subject matter, however, has given me thrashing screaming nightmares.

    Contains: shame, sexual violence, shame, internalized misogyny, eating disorder, shame.

    I don't know if I'll ever be able to finish it.
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    "[Kevin Pratt-King] had asked McCain for help after being diagnosed with the same form of aggressive cancer, glioblastoma. Instead of offering aid, according to Roy’s tweet, McCain advised them to move to a different state."

    "Social workers began going door to door in San Juan housing projects, explaining that a pill could be taken daily to prevent pregnancy. Once women were told what the pill did, they signed up by the hundreds. However, these women were not informed that they were part of a clinical trial or that the treatment was experimental."

    "Side effects [of the vaginal implant] can range from chronic pain and loss of sexual function, to major complications like the implant protruding through the bladder, or bowels, even necessitating removal of organs ensnared in the mesh. It can shrink inside your body, slicing through nerve endings, tissue and organs."

    "If someone makes the effort of going to doctor after doctor, and all they are given is a pat on the head and told, 'Oh, sweetie, you'll be OK—you just need to smile more,' that is a failure of the physicians." Article covers both social biases (like doctors assuming a woman's problems are psychosomatic instead of doing tests) and biological ones (like researchers only testing on male mice, leaving them with huge gaps in knowledge regarding biologically female humans).

    "The Gay Men’s Chorus posed to illustrate the impact of AIDS. Those dressed in black, with their backs turned, represent those who had died." This 1993 photo is a punch in the heart.

    "The military spends five times as much on Viagra as it would on transgender troops’ medical care."

    And for something more hopeful:

    An experiment, recounted in comic form: If you put rats alone in cages, they'll addict themselves to morphine. If you put them in an enriching environment with a bunch of other rats to hang out with, they'll avoid it.

    Gisella Perl, the "Angel of Auschwitz" -- who got that title by providing abortions, so the Nazis wouldn't have pregnant Jewish women to experiment on.

    "As what was thought to be the largest referral service in the country, which referred an estimated half million women for abortions in its six years of existence, the [Clergy Consultation Service] had significant market power that it leveraged to reduce the going rate for an abortion." The name isn't a euphemism. It was literally a coalition of Protestant and Jewish religious leaders.

    "Intersex advocates are rejoicing at a paper released by three former US Surgeons General. The surgeon-generals called for an end to forced medical surgeries on young intersex people."

    40 Days of Anime: Day 3

    Aug. 17th, 2017 09:09 am
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    03 - which anime made you laugh the hardest?

    I don't watch much 'comedy' as a genre - not even outside of anime. Way too much either hits my embarrassment squick, or else the cast are assholes. Or both! (See also: OSOMATSU-SAN and EXCEL SAGA, both of which I saw recommendations for as OMG FUNNIEST THING EVER, and no. I managed all of one episode each, and then noped out hard.) I'm more likely to laugh at manga.

    But after rummaging through my past catalog, I found a couple OVAs that did make me laugh! DRAGON-HALF (heroine is half-dragon! unfortunately, her love is a dragon hunter! whoops, nothing for it but to enter an enormous tournament for reasons that I don't remember and may not have been explained), and SHINESMAN (loving parody of super-sentai e.g. Power Rangers - I've only seen the dubbed version, which is glorious).

    Worldcon Recs

    Aug. 17th, 2017 02:28 pm
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    Mirrored from Juliet Kemp.

    Here is a list of the recs I picked up from various panels I attended at Worldcon. (These are likely not complete, but they’re the ones that I wrote down.)

    In Defense of the Unlikeable Heroine:

    • We Who Are About To – Joanna Russ

    Non-Binary Representation In Fiction:

    • Transcendent: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction – ed K M Szpara (anthology)
    • The Black Tides of Heaven / The Red Threads of Fortune – JY Yang (forthcoming in Sept)
    • Prominence – Ann Leckie (forthcoming, but read some on her website)
    • Jacob’s Ladder – Elizabeth Bear
    • River of Teeth – Sarah Gailey
    • Pantomime – Laura Lam
    • Killing Gravity – Corey J White
    • Interactive fiction Craft phone games (Choice of Deathless/City’s Thirst) – Max Gladstone (you can play an nb character)
    • “Masculinity is an Anxiety Disorder” (essay) – David J Schwartz
    • Rose Lemberg
    • Foz Meadows
    • A Merc Rustad

    Beyond the Dystopia

    (This one should be complete as I moderated the panel and made a point of writing them down to tweet afterwards.)

    • Two Faces of Tomorrow – James P Hogan
    • Culture series – Iain M Banks
    • Dragonlance
    • Too Like the Lightning and Seven Surrenders – Ada Palmer
    • The Postman – David Brin
    • A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and A Closed And Common Orbit – Becky Chambers
    • Hospital Station – James White
    • Malhutan Chronicles – Tom D Wright (panelist)
    • Orbital Cloud – Taiyo Fuji (panelist)
    • The Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison

    Older Women in Genre Fiction:

    • All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses An Eye – Christopher Brookmyre
    • Blood Songs series – Anthony Ryan
    • Revenant Population – Elizabeth Moon
    • Barbara Hambly

    Also, Catherine Lundoff keeps a bibliography of books with older women protagonists.

    Colonialism and the Space Opera:

    • Praxis – John Williams

    Moving Beyond Orientalism in SFF:

    • Black Wolves – Kate Elliot
    • Vixen and The Waves – Hoa Pham
    • Isabelle Yap
    • Ken Liu
    • Stephanie Lai
    • Zen Cho

    (Plus one from Nine Worlds in which the MC has Borderline Personality Disorder: Borderline – Mishell Baker)

    Day 1 Reveals 2017

    Aug. 17th, 2017 09:19 am
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    [personal profile] klb posting in [community profile] pod_together
    die before Methuselah (Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars Original Trilogy)
    written by [ profile] girlmarauders, performed by [ profile] knight_tracer
    Summary: Padme and Obi-Wan in self-imposed exile on Tatooine.

    A Surprise at the Ball (Allerleirauh | All-Kinds-Of-Fur (Fairy Tale))
    written by [ profile] LadyBrooke, performed by [ profile] podfic_lover
    Summary: Allerleirauh, from the perspective of the officials and newspapers.

    Choose Your Own Inquisitor (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
    written by [ profile] Hananobira, performed by [ profile] blackglass, [ profile] Kess, [ profile] Opalsong, [ profile] RsCreighton, [ profile] SomethingIncorporeal
    Summary: A Choose Your Own Adventure story, DAI style.

    Those who try to take a stroll, Are sure to get the klink (Captain America (Movies), Captain America - All Media Types)
    written by [ profile] zombieunicorn, performed by [ profile] Vaysh
    Summary: After the Battle of Azzano, Bucky is somehow the senior most officer of the 107th left alive. Now, keeping his guys breathing is a much bigger war that fighting the Krauts.

    The Pesky Superhero Job (Leverage, Supergirl (TV 2015))
    written by [ profile] dapatty, performed by [ profile] theleanansidhe
    Summary: The crew decide to take down a white collar criminal in National City. It goes about as well as expected.

    Five Times Christian Eriksen Helped His Teammates With Their Problems (Football RPF)
    written by [ profile] ItsADrizzit, [ profile] WhiteHaru37, performed by [ profile] annapods, [ profile] Arioch, [ profile] dapatty, [ profile] frecklebombfic, [ profile] fulldaysdrive, [ profile] ItsADrizzit, [ profile] RsCreighton, [ profile] WhiteHaru37, [ profile] wingedwords
    Summary: Christian Eriksen has a lot of love for his Hotspur teammates, even if it does get him caught up in their antics and drama.
    In which Chris just wants to ignore his feelings, Dele and Dier need to talk it out, Son Heung-min is a ridiculous human being, and everyone sends far too many text messages.

    A Place at Home in the Stars (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies), Iron Man (Movies))
    written by [ profile] dapatty, performed by [ profile] DuendeVerde4
    Summary: Peter totally doesn't like-like Tony Stark, except that he does.

    Love at First Swipe (Les Misérables - All Media Types)
    written by [ profile] within_a_dream, performed by [ profile] fulldaysdrive
    Summary: This is going to be Cosette's year. She's going off to college, which means she can turn over a new leaf and start dating. If that means working up the nerve to use Tinder, so be it.

    This is What Democracy Looks Like

    Aug. 17th, 2017 09:06 am
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    The anti-racism march went well; a friend estimated maybe 3000 people attended (the news said 2200, but they based that on replies to the Facebook invite!). A kind soul had brought a pile of ACLU posters to hand out, so I got a "Black Lives Matter" one, which fit the occasion.

    I skived off before the speakers, though, as I was pretty tired and had a long walk home. I'm counting that as exercise because my leg muscles certainly felt it.

    I met a baby whose dad said this was her first protest outside of the womb. She was really cute. I saw another insanely cute toddler later on, who had disposed of one of her shoes...I didn't rat her out, though, she was giving me the sweet eyes. Also the mom was talking to the dad and I didn't want to interrupt.

    Never did manage to meet up with Camille and Barbara, and didn't see Lionel and Shani and their kids, but did run into Amey from choir, Vash from the writing community, and C.'s cousin Grace.
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    I'm totally cherry picking the applicable prompts at this point and ignoring the rest. Because yeah - flora and fauna sort of got mostly covered under food, and make no real sense to try to detail when you're talking about one race on spaceships and one race spread over multiple planets with different native whatevers. And I drew a blank at traditions (not as in there aren't any, but as in detailing them felt too static to my brain, so you don't get a write up there.)

    11) Language )

    14) Food )

    15) Technology )

    Next up - Magic as seen from these two races in particular and by the Galatics in general (as opposed to the rather messed up Terren take on it), and then I feel like I *might* have enough groundwork laid to start writing.

    Also.... I need an icon for this 'verse, dammit. hrm. *goes to browse pics* Icon has! (no, that's not cybertron. or the death star. it's a mandala-esque fractal over a space scene, but the tiny version loses a lot of detail.) Title... not so much. 'Bugs and Bears in Space' is not really going to work, not even as a working title. XD

    Nagori Worldbuilding
    Terre Prime Worldbuilding
    agirlnamedtruth: (TO/TVD: Rebekah: Plait)
    [personal profile] agirlnamedtruth posting in [community profile] 15kinks
    Title: A Través de la Ventana
    Authors: agirlnamedtruth & weekendgothgirl
    Fandom: The Originals/TVD
    Pairing: Kol Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson
    Table/Prompt: Aquarius; Mutual Masturbation
    Warnings: Explicit sexual content and language, sibling incest, accidental voyeurism, mutual masturbation.

    40 Day Anime Meme - Day 36

    Aug. 17th, 2017 08:20 am
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    36 -- in your opinion, what makes a good anime?

    If I can answer 'yes' to 'Do I want to watch it again?' and/or 'Do I want to own a copy of this?'

    Of course, I can answer 'yes to those questions over some real hot messes, too. ^_^

    I mean, if I made it to the end as was entertained in some way, then it did its job. That alone should qualify as 'good', right?

    I feel like 'good' has lost all meaning.

    (I am so glad this meme is almost over.)

    Femslash Exchange 2017

    Aug. 17th, 2017 12:56 pm
    hibernate: ([mea] cora & those shoulders)
    [personal profile] hibernate
    Hello, [community profile] femslashex creator!

    I am nuts about all the fandoms, characters, and ships I've requested, so you really can't go wrong here. Feel free to disregard everything in this letter if you have other ideas. I hope you'll have fun!

    Likes & dislikes )

    A-Level results day...

    Aug. 17th, 2017 11:39 am
    elisi: (Miss M by kathyh)
    [personal profile] elisi
    And Miss M is off to Cambridge!!!


    She will be studying Philosophy.

    They asked for A*AA and she achieved A*A*A!

    /proud mother

    smalldeer has questions about apples

    Aug. 17th, 2017 07:00 pm
    lilysea: Serious (Default)
    [personal profile] lilysea posting in [community profile] metaquotes
    oh and a warm apple. like, a really warm apple. warmer than my teeth when i bit into it. no offense but. why. did they microwave this apple? did they store it in a dragon's mouth before allowing me to purchase it? did this apple recently return from a trip to the surface of the sun?

    Context is the slings and arrows of working in the food service industry.

    Royals #5 - "The Center of Things"

    Aug. 17th, 2017 02:51 am
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    [personal profile] laughing_tree posting in [community profile] scans_daily

    There’s a thing readers should understand with this book: we’re not doing business in the normal way. There will be no tie-ins until we get back to Earth. We’re self-contained, telling our own story, beholden to nobody, and we’re on a trip out to the far reaches of Marvel Space, and we’re going to come back changed, and carrying something very special with us. -- Al Ewing

    Read more... )

    The Blood is the Life for 17-08-2017

    Aug. 17th, 2017 11:00 am
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    Reading Thursday: books read, June.

    Aug. 17th, 2017 09:05 pm
    cyphomandra: boats in Auckland Harbour. Blue, blocky, cheerful (boats)
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    Technically I am now only one month behind! My ereader died at the end of May, which put a bit of a dent in things, and I may also have forgotten a few titles. I am going to skip the re-reads but will just mention that I am currently eating a lemon bar made from a David Lebovitz recipe, and it is delicious.

    Books read, June:

    Laura Cumming, The Vanishing Man
    Agatha Christie, At Bertram's Hotel
    Jiro Taniguchi, Guardians of the Louvre
    Phillip Rock, The Passing Bells

    Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish, Siblings without Rivalry (re-read)
    David Lebovitz, My Paris kitchen: recipes and stories (re-read

    Laura Cumming, The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velázquez. This was my book of the month; it's an excellent nonfiction piece that is a memoir of Velázquez, the elusive Spanish painter, John Snare, a 19th century bookseller who discovered a painting that he was convinced was by him, and Cumming herself, dealing with the loss of her artist father. It is vivid and excellent written and made me do a lot of Google image searching to see the art. Just fantastic.

    Agatha Christie, At Bertram's Hotel. One of the Christies in which this modern world is rather poor stuff, but redeemed somewhat by having nostalgia for the past be a plot point rather than just an authorial view. The plot is a little too unlikely even allowing for that. Miss Marple is definitely slowing down, though, and it slowed me down as well because I don't want to get to the end of her books and, by extension, her.

    Jiro Taniguchi, Guardians of the Louvre. This is part of the Louvre Collection, commissioned graphic novels/manga/bandes dessinées by various artists. I haven't read any of the others, although I've heard quite a bit about Nicolas De Crécy's Glacial Period. This has a Japanese artist alone in Paris who develops a fever, visits the Louvre and has hallucinogenic (or are they?) interactions with its art. I like Taniguchi's work but this is a thin plot, and although it has a lot of nice moments it doesn't have the depth of the world from, say The Walking Man or A Distant Neighbourhood.

    And fuck. I just checked Wikipedia for title names and he died in February. Dammit.

    Phillip Rock, The Passing Bells. World War I family saga novel that takes its title from a WWI poem that is not Wilfred Owen's Anthem for Doomed Youth, although I got that stuck in my head every time I looked at the cover. Covers roughly 1914 to 1920, about an upper class English family and those who interact with them. I liked but didn't love it. It is good at showing the scope of the war - the different fronts, the levels of responsibility (and the failures of command) - but the characters don't always work for me, especially the women (there's a seduction scene, supposedly from the woman's point of view, where we are suddenly very much inside the male character's surprised excitement at finding she's topless under her jacket). It is the first in a trilogy but it hasn't made me want to race out and track down the next two (it was published in 1978, so they're all out).


    Aug. 17th, 2017 09:57 am
    rydra_wong: Doonesbury: Mark announcing into a microphone, "That's guilty! Guilty, guilty, guilty!!" (during the Watergate scandal) (guilty)
    [personal profile] rydra_wong
    I just woke up to find that somehow Steve Bannon accidentally(?) gave an interview to a left-wing political magazine and I can't cope with these things before multiple cups of coffee.

    I honestly have no clue if that's accidentally or "accidentally", and maybe he's trying to separate himself from the Charlottesville marchers by dismissing them as "losers" and posioning himself as more rational/reasonable than Trump on North Korea before he gets fired, or what the actual fuck. Especially given that he was reportedly delighted and "proud" about Trump's press conference statements.

    seriously wtf

    (no subject)

    Aug. 17th, 2017 10:53 am
    marina: (Default)
    [personal profile] marina
    So, I've had to tell local friends to stop sending me anti-fascist memes related to what's going on in the U.S. right now because I've just... reached the end of my cope? I've had to get off twitter for a while, because my mental health just can't keep up. But at the same time it feels like the world is burning and I desperately want to do something, and well.

    I've decided what I'm going to do is just try to help people in whatever way I can, which always feels like a good course of action to me.

    So, I have this Russian friend on twitter. She's fannish, her name is Sasha, her twitter account is locked. We met in Black Sails fandom earlier this year. She's very delightful and funny and lives in St. Petersburg.

    This year she'd really like to get married. She and her girlfriend have been together for about 5 years. Needless to say, a marriage is not possible in Russia (or Ukraine, where her girlfriend is from). So, they've thought up a plan to travel to Denmark to get married later this year, and they've been raising money mostly through their Russian fandom friends, to make the trip possible. Russian fandom doesn't really do paypal (other money transfer methods are easier), so when I asked how I could help they basically opened an account with PP just for me.

    There's no public post about this fundraiser, no kickstarter page. I honestly don't even want to link their account names on twitter to this public post, although I of course asked them what details I could share before writing about this on DW.

    Anyway, if you're looking for the usual safeguards to make sure this isn't a scam - they're not really available in this case. I can only tell you that I know this person and trust them and I've helped their marriage fund and have no regrets.

    So, if you'd like to throw some money their way, or signal boost this to your friends, their paypal address is: blindpilot at yandex dot ru

    (Also, Sasha has pointed out that if you'd like more details about what the money is for, you're welcome to email her at that address.)

    Back to Smallville season 5

    Aug. 17th, 2017 09:19 am
    shallowness: Five panels featuring pictures of different female characters based on my interests at the time. (Default)
    [personal profile] shallowness
    I last posted about Smallville in May. I’ve found it’s best to leave a good long while between watching each episode, but I have finished disc 2.

    Season 5, episodes 5 'Thirst' to 8 'Solitude'. spoilers )
    [syndicated profile] ao3_doctorwho_feed

    Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/elisi/pseuds/elisi">elisi</a>, <a rel="author" href="/users/promethia_tenk/pseuds/promethia_tenk">promethia_tenk</a>

    by ,

    I thought I would bring my meta (/poetry) café across to AO3!

    My meta is always very image heavy, and this time it's also rather esoteric, as The Waste Land is not most people's cup of tea. However please don't let that put you off, it's also very beautiful.

    Structurally, I start with the poem/imagery, which will then be followed by lengthy and in-depth notes. No really, this is enormous. (I will also write a more regular meta post later, with all the stuff that does not fit into this very specific reading.) Also, although this meta mostly centers on The Doctor Falls, it meanders through a lot of S10, and even further back.

    But first, here is the second half of the fifth and final part of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, as filtered through Moffat Who. I hope you enjoy.

    Words: 6870, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    conuly: (Default)
    [personal profile] conuly
    It's not my favorite ballad - if I wanted to sing The Murdered Brother I would and often do. Floaters are a thing, sure, but I still think it's cheating to basically steal 90% of the verses from one song and tack on a different framing story.

    But it does have one advantage over The Murdered Brother, and that's that the framing story makes sense. I can see how you might chop your sister up after you've knocked her up. I mean, I wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't do half the things people do in ballads. If I had no moral compass, though, then I might well look at murder as the solution to everyday social problems like an inconvenient pregnancy. Even in a ballad, though, killing your brother because he cut down a withy wand that might've been a tree is just strange.

    (And their mother doesn't give a damn, it seems, no matter who killed whom and why. There's some seriously messed up family dynamics here. Sometimes you really have to wonder about the people who wrote these things.)


    Silver Composition in Coins Confirms the Story of the Rise of Rome

    How Edmond Halley Kicked Off the Golden Age of Eclipse Mapping

    Probiotic Bacteria Could Protect Newborns From Deadly Infection

    Nobody Knows What Lies Beneath New York City

    Pretty sure I've seen this exact premise in, like, a thousand Harry Potter fics. Because how else are you gonna get Draco and Hermione to hook up?

    Female Inmates In Federal Prisons Will Now Have More Access To Tampons & Pads

    The next time somebody tells me that they or anybody else can't be a bigot because they have one $GROUP friend, I'm going to point them to this article about Eduard Bloch, who was personally exempted from anti-Semitic persecution by... Adolf Hitler. Yes, really. Yes, my jaw dropped too.

    Solving a Murder Mystery With Ancestry Websites

    Justice Department at odds with DEA on marijuana research, MS-13

    Severe Housing Needs May Return to Foreclosure-Crisis Levels

    This Is Why Taking Fish Medicine Is Truly a Bad Idea (This may be a sign that things in this country are really, really bad.)

    They Got Hurt At Work — Then They Got Deported

    White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry tests — but many don't like their results

    Steve Bannon once said Breitbart was the platform for the alt-right. Its current editors disagree. Is the incendiary media company at the nerve center of Donald Trump’s America simply provocative — or dangerous?

    Psychologists surveyed hundreds of alt-right supporters. The results are unsettling.

    Trump Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

    In Ukraine, a Malware Expert Who Could Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking

    Philippine police kill 32 in bloodiest night of Duterte’s war on drugs

    More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

    Aug. 17th, 2017 02:59 am
    petzipellepingo: (more links by eyesthatslay)
    [personal profile] petzipellepingo
    Letting Them Go, Spike/Buffy/Angel, A Gift Over Wires , Willow/Kennedy by [personal profile] katleept.

    The Vampire at the Door , Spike/Willow by [profile] xspike4evax.

    TinyFences podcast talks Normal Again.

    PopCultureRoleCall podcast talks Beauty & The Beasts .

    Just One Thing (17 August 2017)

    Aug. 17th, 2017 08:03 am
    nanila: YAY (me: abby)
    [personal profile] nanila posting in [community profile] awesomeers
    It's challenge time!

    Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

    Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

    Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

    Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.

    [syndicated profile] angry_asian_man_feed

    Posted by Phil Yu

    The NYPD is investigating the incident as a hate crime.

    Because it's not enough to be racist against the living. These guys were racist against the dead too. This week in New York, three teens broke into a cemetery and vandalized dozens of grave sites in the Asian section, toppling headstones, breaking marble markers and scrawling racist graffiti throughout the grounds.

    Vandals damage headstones, spray paint derogatory words in Brooklyn cemetery

    Three suspects, who appear to be between 16 and 19 years old, broke into the Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn just after midnight on Tuesday and vandalized graves in an Asian section, another section and two memorial abbeys in the center of the grounds. According to the NYPD, the suspects knocked over 70 headstone, broke 15 marble memorial markers in a mausoleum, and spray-painted them with hate graffiti

    The graffiti included "fuck Jackie Chan" and "ching chong" on a grave that appeared to originally have an Asian language on it, according to the NYPD. They also wrote the phrase, "fuck sand n--gers."

    Police released a video of the suspects, who can be seen taking photos inside the cemetery:

    Read more »

    Time is Short

    Aug. 17th, 2017 02:34 am
    [syndicated profile] ao3_doctorwho_feed

    Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/Letters_from_the_TARDIS/pseuds/Letters_from_the_TARDIS">Letters_from_the_TARDIS</a>


    When Rose helps a dying man, the last thing she expected was for a potent mystery to spring up around her. Who is the man who won't leave her alone? The man claiming to be the Doctor. And what is happening in the warehouse in the meatpacking district?

    Words: 1084, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Series: Part 1 of Ouroboros

    Dear FemslashEx Writer or Artist...

    Aug. 16th, 2017 10:04 pm
    rachelmanija: (Buffy: I kind of love you)
    [personal profile] rachelmanija
    Full letter with prompts to come ASAP. The letter below is incomplete.

    Dear FemslashEx Writer or Artist,

    Thank you so much for writing for me! This is my first time doing FemslashEx, so I'm really excited.

    (I only requested art for one fandom; however, if anyone is moved to do an art treat for me in any of them, I would absolutely love that.)

    Loves, DNWs, and notes/prompts for my fandoms (Aliens, Carrie, Original Work, Star Trek: Classic Timeline, and X/1999 below cut). Read more... )

    O lousy day

    Aug. 17th, 2017 12:24 am
    thnidu: my familiar. "Beanie Baby" -type dragon, red with white wings (Default)
    [personal profile] thnidu
    Any day that features two teeth extracted is not going to be an enjoyable one.

    Nine hours later and gums still bleeding.

    Lost track of my medications schedule , especially since the dentist prescribed me a new antibiotic in place of the old one, so I have dosed myself much too close together.

    Have not been able to think very straight for a number of hours.

    Go kommer highbury hjem og som du og kommer strækninger man altid gæster karlekammer vores unikke kæmpe bølge


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