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Swiped from [personal profile] helens78 and a couple of other places ;)

Here's a theme that goes "post your five favorite TV shows in no particular order, and answer questions!"

I'm going to answer this for 'my five favourite shows ever', not 'right now', so:

a. Farscape (OH MY HEART)
b. Futurama
c. Star Trek: The Next Generation
e. Castle

1. Who's your favourite character in B? (Futurama)
Bender! Mr. Bender Bending Rodriguez, he of the "kill all humans" and the "awwww you guys" in equal measures. Because he does not know how to show his love, and yet he does so all the time, and he is always greater than the sum of his programming.

And because he gave us the line "Bite my shiny metal ass".

2. Who's your least favourite character in A? (Farscape)
Noranti, I think, and that's mostly because she felt so separate from the rest of Our Heroes (And Antiheroes Not Quite Heroes). I love all the others to a truly ridiculous degree. Even Stark, albeit annoying, was endearing.

3. What's your favourite episode of D? (NCIS)
Augh. Um.

Kill Ari, parts 1 and 2, I think. They were actually the first episodes of NCIS I saw and without knowing anything about Kate it was still painful to watch these people struggling to make peace with their memories of her. Now I rewatch it and it fucking slays me.

4. What's your favourite season of E? (Castle)
There's only two, and I'd have to say this one. Better plots, better writing, a much healthier relationship between Beckett and Castle. Still not enough Esposito screentime, though.

5. Who is your favourite ship in C? (ST:TNG)
I was never hugely fannish about the Trek TV series, but I'd have to say Jean-Luc/Beverley. I liked them both very much as people, and I thought they would have worked well together as a couple. I certainly never bought the estrangement that All Good Things... tried to sell us.

6. Who is your anti-ship in B? (Futurama)
Zapp/Anyone. Zapp does not deserve to get his slimy paws on any of Futurama's classy, classy dames.

...unless it's Mom, perhaps. >:)

7. How long have you watched A? (Farscape)
My best friend tried to get me interested in it as it was airing, but it never really took. I first properly saw it in, oh, maybe '03-ish, and I was hooked, and we watched every episode as fast as I could buy the DVDs. We slowed down in Season 3 because it was so depressing and we were trying to cope with downturns in our own lives as well, and turned to more escapist, happymaking TV, but eventually finished it and Season 4 as well.

We still, however, haven't seen the second half of Peacekeeper Wars. As long as I avoid it, I still have new Farscape left to watch, and I'm not willing to let go yet!

8. How did you become interested in C? (ST:TNG)
I saw a few episodes on someone's terrible B&W TV at university, and gradually got hooked. Then I was watching, then buying the episodes (on VHS no less!). :)

9. Who's your favourite actor/actress in D? (NCIS)
Ooh, tough call. I like the ensemble as a whole; I think Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciutto) or Rocky Carroll (Leon Vance) do the best with the material they're given.

10. Which do you prefer: Show A or B or E? (Farscape, Futurama or Castle)
Define 'prefer'. Favourite show? Farscape, hands down, no question. But it's not always easy to watch, and it's not always the taste that my palate is craving.

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of, A or C? (Farscape vs ST:TNG)
Ooh. TNG, by a hair - but less than you'd think; there are still more than a couple of episodes of TNG that I haven't seen (yet).

12. If you could be anyone from D, who would you be? (NCIS)
Abby, because everyone loves Abby, and she is smart, and sexy, and - the trait I like most of all about her - she always sees the best in people. Not that she's stupidly idealistic, but she sees the beauty in people that others miss.

13. How would you kill off your favourite character in A? (Farscape)
I can't decide who's my favourite, John or Aeryn. I don't think I could take them away from each other, not after what they've been through. I'd have to send them out together.

14. Give a random quote from A? (Farscape)
'Have we sent the 'don't shoot us we're pathetic' transmission yet?'

(There is no #15.)

16. Would a C/D crossover work? (ST:TNG/NCIS)
Well. Hmm.

My first thought is "No! Hell no!" but actually... Starfleet is, after all, the Navy of the future. Obviously you'd either have
a) time-travel shenanigans involving TNG people coming back to present Earth to fix some divot in the timeline, or
b) a fusion - Gibbs leading a team of officers (either Internal Affairs or, more likely, Starfleet Security) investigating wrongdoing and shenanigans by or against Starfleet personnel.

Heck, the JAG Office exists within Starfleet, why not an updated version of NCIS...

17. Pair 2 characters in A that would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple. (Farscape)
One of the joys of Farscape is that you can pair just about anyone with just about anyone else.

I'm strangely fond of Chiana/Jool, simply because they're very different but complementary personalities, and they're pretty much peers in terms of general age and maturity level.

18. Has E inspired you in any way? (Castle)
Not... really. I love the show hugely, but not in a really fannish way; I don't feel the need to create fanworks for the show at all (although I do enjoy a lot of the good fic).

19. Overall, which show has a better cast, B or D? (Futurama vs NCIS)
Given that Futurama's largely voiced by one guy, NCIS wins. :)

20. Which has better theme music, C or E? (ST:TNG vs Castle)
Castle uses music very well in general, but TNG's theme song is absolutely iconic in many ways. Trek wins. :)


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