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Life has been pretty much uneventful.

Mostly. I'm working at a new job; it's only a temporary contract, although I was told otherwise when I was recruited - still, it's valuable experience in a growing industry I'd been hoping to enter, so it's definitely worth doing. It's a hell of a slog; there's more work there than I can handle, so I've been working a lot of unpaid overtime* and being very stressed. For all of that, though, I actually really enjoy the job itself and not hating my job is a delightful novelty.

(* that's 'a lot' by my standards, not by 'crunch time in the videogaming industry' standards or anything)

Other than that, though, life continues as it always does. Gaming three times a week - D&D with Chris's group on Tuesday nights, Exalted and/or Shadowrun with my long-running group on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Raiding in WoW on Sunday and Monday nights. When I put it like that, it's no surprise I've been a ghost around these parts, I guess.

I've noticed a real tendency to disengage from social networks lately - I still read everything multiple times a day, I just ... find it hard to get up the wherewithal to comment. I shall attempt to rectify that.


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